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  1. Diane’s jacket, Todd’s sweatshirt, and Mr PB’s fur all have that watercolor effect, if you look closely. Only the main characters get the extra details. I really like the visual effect it has. Unique and appealing to the eye.

  2. If karn and fable get banned after the competitive season then maybe it might catch a ban as well but that is assuming more then just Karn gets banned and I'm not even sure if that will happen

  3. Uncle jack throwing his big fake hand across the court and his shrieks of “NOBODY LOOK” as he scampers to get it. Had me incapacitated for almost 20 minutes.

  4. This is a good one that reading this made me laugh hard.

  5. When Charlie eats too many blood packs and violently throws up over his blind date in the limo and Frank offers her an egg.

  6. Ideally you want a deck whose playstyle you enjoy and if you want to stay ahead of the meta find the deck that beats the best deck. Personally I love bogles, but it's far from the best deck. I've been on the list for a while so if I'm running hot I can 5-0 or 4-1 a league at a decent clip

  7. Exactly. I like quick decks. I just built RDW with trade credit from winning pauper events with Slivers. I play burn in Pioneer or Modern, so I figured why not; but I’ll still pull out my Slivers deck for shits n giggles. Definitely a Tier 3 deck, but I know it inside and out.

  8. No. After playing mechanized warfare, you need to case three more spells for it to do the same damage as skullcrack, plus it costs more mana and has less utility.

  9. Thank you for a thorough explanation. This helps me grow as a player. Truly appreciated.

  10. I think you added Go for the Throat and Gix, Yaw? I like those cards a lot, have them in my deck as well. Not sure what you removed though.

  11. I took out lili. Last thing I want to do is discard cards. I want more cards. I don’t want to end up like a burn deck where I’m top decking after turn 4/5.

  12. That's a good point. I'm constantly on the fence about having Lili. I guess it's a quick removal card? But yeah, thinking of removing it as well.

  13. It didn’t click for me until this morning. Allowed me more Gix. Now I need to add a few Infernal Grasp instead of relying on all Go For The Throat.

  14. Was this “attorney” just 3 kids in a trench coat?

  15. Only use 1 portal and [[Chaotic Transformation]]

  16. Yes, until September 2023. It is from Midnight Hunt.

  17. You wait until the Portal triggers, then activate the Herse's ability to exile the creature they pick.

  18. Thank you for taking the extra step to explain the mechanics.

  19. Use with [[Undying Malice]]. Cast for 3 on turn 4. Let them instant kill. Before assigning damage, cast Undying Malice, and they come back in as 8/6.

  20. we all watched the show not sure what the point of this was

  21. That was, and I don’t say this lightly, worse than 100 September 11ths.

  22. I’m pretty sure he fell off a balcony while no one else was around.

  23. He's exactly like that bird petey his head just fell off.

  24. Do not read the above comment while drinking.

  25. If you want a cheap pioneer deck that’s useful, get the new Izzet or Gruul Stompy challenger decks. Both are competitive out the box, and easy/cheap to upgrade.

  26. Did you get it? Did you get my reference about the show?

  27. Keep this up, and the only thing we’re getting is our money back.

  28. How can someone love MtG and get so salty when they see an unconventional deck pull out a good/fun win

  29. I have LITERALLY zero skill in homebrewing decks. I usually netdeck, and maybe I’ll add some personal flare. I have a TON of respect for a successful homebrew. A talent I don’t have.

  30. honestly i'm happiest when i lose to brews or low-tier jank. some people don't know how to be happy for their opponents i guess.

  31. Right?! All I do after a loss is review what I did wrong, mistakes I made, or look for cards to add to sideboard to prevent it from happening again. I hate tantrums from adults over a game.

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