1. The fuck is this supposed to mean? Do you even watch Real's matches?

  2. (โ ;โ ;โ ;โ ใƒปโ _โ ใƒปโ )

  3. Naruto Shippuden Episode 40-42 can't really place the exact episode

  4. Definitely still a close fight he the type to trip and knock himself out

  5. (โ เฒ โ _โ เฒ โ )โ >โ โŒโ โ– โ -โ โ– 

  6. Both are nerfs. Imo Naruto could solo Madara (:trollface:)

  7. (โ โ”›โ โ—‰โ ะ”โ โ—‰โ )โ โ”›โ ๅฝกโ โ”ปโ โ”โ โ”ป

  8. Watching all the fillers isn't easy, but worth it

  9. Which is why I read the manga เฒ โ โ€ฟโ เฒ 

  10. He cares about 5 things and Vinland is 4 of them

  11. there's aliens in a Shinobi world Of course you haven't been watching

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