1. What country is OP meant to be in? I thought UK because of some of the terminology but if that was the case surely university costs wouldn't be a factor at all, considering he's no longer supported by a parent.

  2. Check out the cross-over harnesses, they are much more comfortable!

  3. You can't leave us hanging, please let us know if the silly sausage got back inside safely? And if it didn't, please lie and say it did.

  4. I pick the skin around my fingers (and toes), and for 'sealing' them I use spray bandages - it stings like a mf to put it on, but it puts a coating on like thick hairspray.

  5. When they get in their big fancy black cars to go pick up / arrest someone and pull up with lights and sirens blaring. Like the suspect isn't going to hear that and just flee.

  6. I had to leave that sub because of the comments on the recent posts, kudos to the women who posted and are commenting, but reading everything was just increasing my blood pressure to an unhealthy level!

  7. I have a heap of them around my yard - I think it's adorable that they think they are so well disguised, but some of their little feeties are always hanging out from the leaf.

  8. Paywall, unless you signed up during the briefing time before they locked it down.

  9. The only difference for me was that when it was my appedix, I didn't feel like eating, and I didn't poop for a few days but felt like I needed to.

  10. The tax invoice becomes available once you have used the credit, or it expires.

  11. https://sk8ratz.com/moxi-skates-in-stock-custom-fuchsia-jack-boots-skate-packages/

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