1. So we're all just gonna pretend that Troughman never existed huh

  2. "roofs" doesn't feel right, but I guess that is "linguistic drift" and I have to accept it

  3. I just had to write a whole bunch of procedures about working on roofs - in the end I changed it so most references to 'roofs' said 'the roof' because no one could agree on whether it should be roofs or rooves. After looking at it for so long, both ways looked wrong!

  4. You mean the bearing? Just leave it there and remove the wheel, that's what I do with my one stuck bearing.

  5. I've lost count now of how many times a lovely PMDD person has responded to me and helped. Just knowing you're not the only one is such a relief.

  6. You made me cry, in a good way. Thank you seems insufficient, but thank you <3

  7. A week isn't very long. They might be out sick, or only work part time.

  8. I have the Chaya Jump 2.0 which are similar to the Vintage (no heel), and it's not easier or harder to learn to skate in flats. Sometimes moves can be different though, like if something says have weight on your heels - you'll fall backwards doing this in flats so you have to work out where you weight should be. And getting low is much harder in flats!

  9. I went to Belmont Christian College and that place is fucked. Such a callous environment.

  10. You're doing really well! Had this video been from a different angle you would have seen me on my butt every time I tried :P

  11. I'm autistic and have anxiety, and have only been skating for a few months and I found going to beginner skating classes really really helpful because there is no expectation that you have to know what you're doing - that's why everyone is there.

  12. There is a good FB group you might want to pook up called Roller Derby & Park Skate Invisible Pain Support Group. It's not always just for derby and park skate, but it's a good group of skaters!

  13. I don't think the tennis court ground will be the same after you left....you will probably defrorm it with the wheel dints. I'm not making a fat joke or anything just the tennis court ground is somewhat soft

  14. Outdoor tennis courts and netball courts are great for skating as they are flat concrete, not sure what an indoor tennis court surface would be though - if it's more fake grass/soft then yeh not a great skating surface.

  15. If you're on FB, join Illawarra Roller Skaters - they are a good group with lots of local skating knowledge

  16. I have this exact situation at the moment. I finally reached out and asked if they were annoyed with me, whether I'd done or said something wrong. Turns out they are dealing with some things at the moment and are stressed and drained, and didn't even realise they had been a bit distant. They apologized, and I instantly felt horrid for making it all about me. It didn't take long for other bits of self-doubt to creep in (why didn't they want to come to me for support, etc) and I'm really working on re-framing those because they aren't helpful.

  17. I spend most of the time laughing and picking myself up off the floor when practicing transitions. I find videoing myself helps because I started to see why I was going off-balance - my arms were all over the place.

  18. They missed out the best line of the whole series - which never made sense even in context lol

  19. I just watched an episode where Prentiss speaks french and I was like excuse me miss?? I'd think an FBI agent spoke french without an american accent😂 It was bad.

  20. Hey everyone, looking to buy my first pair of skates, was considering rio signature but I’m concerned over the plastic plates, is that a good skate for outdoor skating? Would the plastic plate be an issue? If yes, what other skates on the same price range would you guys recommend

  21. What do you like about them? I wouldn't go with them for outdoor skating, but the Chaya Melrose Deluxe are similar with an aluminum plate (but I think the toe stop is bolt on, vs the signature adjustable)

  22. In Chaya Jump size chart 40 is 25,7 cm and 41 26,3 cm. I'd check the size chart of the chosen model if you decide to take them (or any other brand as well)!

  23. I have Chaya Jump 2.0 and find their sizes run small. I have the EU39 (mens 7 / womens 8) which is my normal shoe size, and had to stretch them out to be comfortable.

  24. Caveat being this relies on the other person being secure / acting 'rationally'.

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