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  1. That looks just like Igneous Hammer but with a different shader.

  2. Igneous Hammer looks like MC, not the other way around

  3. ECS5 says:

    Bro what, there is no “modern surfers” who wear neck braces. Maybe you’re thinking of inflatable vests that big wave surfers wear, which are so you float to the top faster. People that break their neck in the ocean like literally 100% of the time hit the bottom. There’s like one guy I can think of who broke his back and it’s one of the gnarliest big wave wipeouts ever.

  4. They live in Utah, land of the ‘modern’ surfer lmao

  5. 100 recov + 100 resilience is better than pretty much anything else outside of mobility + strength on invis hunter for PvE tbh

  6. You don’t even need strength if you use gamblers dodge

  7. I’m not drinking fluoride and chloramine, fuck that. Maybe you should look into how much water is used for agriculture and meat production before guilt tripping others. Are you vegan? No? Look at how much water is needed for 1 lb of beef. How much water was used to raise those cows and produce that yoghurt you posted about? Uninformed hypocrites strike again

  8. Highly recommend watching Fantastic Fungi on Netflix

  9. Only 21 flawlesses? Lol these slightly above average toxic wankers are just wannabes and would get destroyed against a half decent team

  10. Same exact graphical bug on my MacBook Pro. M1 chips aren’t officially supported yet so unfortunately I don’t see them prioritizing this bug

  11. Go with MSI this gen. The Asus boards have had a lot of issues this gen too

  12. We've been stuck with this board for over six months without a word and they're still selling them. Our only fix has been limiting the board to PCIe 3.0 and guess what? Their 'new' upcoming Lite model is limited to PCIe 3.0.

  13. https://member.aorus.com/z690i-aorus-ultra-exchange-refund

  14. Good luck winning 7 games in a row with SBMM

  15. MT is the least situational so I went with that since enhanced perks are expensive to swap out

  16. Myelin is a much better vibe for lore

  17. Please make some landscape 4K art for desktop wallpapers, love your work!

  18. San Andrés.At least six students have died in a bus accident in Colombia. More than 15 other children and adults were injured, as the governor of the department of Santander, Mauricio Aguilar Hurtado, wrote on Twitter on Tuesday (local time).

  19. These people don't look South American. South East Asia would be my guess

  20. Maybe, I find it more plausible that Russia and China go in together, it would be a convenient way for China to get some good faith with Russia and then China could ask for Russian help when going after Taiwan.

  21. China’s trade with the US and EU dwarfs their trade with Russia. They literally became what they are today selling to and manufacturing for the West. You really think China is going to destroy their economy for Putin?

  22. Because Russia's economy crumbled in 2022

  23. I would assume no. The reason Timelost Weapons had two Perk choices was because the preset Perks were the D1 version’s roll (or as close to it as possible), and I think King’s Fall or whatever D1 Raid is more likely to feature Timelost Weapons.

  24. The Adept Summoner I got yesterday has 2 perk choices in the 4th column

  25. How has your day been? Also, what does your setup look like? I’m incorporating this with 2 other 16:9 monitors and I’m trying to figure out the layout. I don’t have enough space for all of them without stacking. Just not sure if I should put the 38 inch above or underneath my 16:9 panels since I’ll be gaming on one of the 16:9.

  26. It's been good, thanks for asking! I use this as my main monitor and have a 27" 16:9 secondary monitor to its left. I'll probably be selling the AW38 for the upcoming 34" QD-OLED if I can get my hands on one. If you haven't pulled the trigger yet I would personally wait for the 34" unless you need the bigger panel.

  27. I'm guessing you game mainly on the aw38? Also I did pull the trigger. Heavily heavily debated going with the aw3423dw over this, but I was going to use the aw3423dw as a productivity panel since I want to game on 1440p 16:9 to keep frames high. OLED didn't really seem to be a big advantage over the extra screen real estate for productivity tasks aside from video editing (which I don't do). And although qd OLED mititages burn in, I still don't want to worry about having static content all over it.

  28. Yeah it's my main monitor for gaming and browsing. My secondary is 4K 60Hz for Photoshop/Illustrator or Discord and a stream while gaming. You made the right call going for this one if all you needed was the screen real estate cause it can comfortably fit 3 windows side by side, which is what I usually have it set up as.

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