1. Everything Nate says just rings so hollow now “men should hold other men accountable” dude is a two-timing cheater

  2. Right! It’s just cringy to listen to.

  3. Could the original poster please provide context as to what was happening in this scene? In what capacity did Ben appear? I imagine Antonia was going somewhere and Ben was driving her around? Ben has said he spends a lot of time at her house so that would make complete sense

  4. Yes. He was driving. She was in passenger seat. They were going to donate food to a local hospital and he was helping deliver.

  5. Isn’t she the family friend from Ben’s “hometown” who basically convinced him he loves Tayshia?

  6. I didn’t see them yet! I thought it was still a secret. Lol I need to step my game up

  7. it’s hard to keep dwts partners a secret so it’s been out there for a while that it’s artem

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