1. Bro I bought a new car in cash. It got a screw within the first 100 miles in the sidewall. Quoted $400. I’ve been airing it up everyday and dealing with it. Lease returns suck, but hey It’s better than owning new cars and selling them.

  2. If you want to do it, go for it! I personally don’t like to share to much information like this in social media. I have no mention of my education or what I’m doing on social media. My close friends know, and that’s enough support for me. I use social media sparingly, and as a tool for me. A lot of people use it to inspire and to connect for career purposes, and to connect to distant or new people.

  3. Girls aren’t just attracted to looks. I’ve been with girls way out of my league. That I honestly had nearly no conversation with due to language barriers. Your game, body language, confidence, and many times dance skills can get you amazing results. That takes a bit of time to learn, but if your Mom doesn’t let you develop those skills she is correct. Since community porn became so widespread, I think your Mom’s statement no longer holds true. I remember turning 13 and watching it at a friends house with some girl I liked, the parents walked in, and made similar statements about the negativity surrounding porn. Porn didn’t ruin anything for me. I was “experienced” despite being inexperienced and learned very quickly because of my “training” so to speak.

  4. Yeah the trick it to keep it moving just enough to Amin but not too crazy

  5. I just wait till it gets close to the flash point of the thc before I pull hard enough to spin the pearl on a pool of relatively small melted rosin. The dab may be large before pulling but by the time your at an appropriate temp it’s the perfect size. This doesn’t work with small amounts pf bubble hash. The temp doesn’t go low enough for me. Full melt bubble hash usually works fine though. I don’t put shatter or anything messy in mine.

  6. Now that everyone is talking about it. Hopefully Ye has brought Trump’s affiliation with Neo-Nazi’s front and center for the brain dead general public voting for that clown. We could have used a real candidate, especially considering Biden won’t make it another 4 years.

  7. Thank you. Can you recommend a box mod? i see devices like the pico and eleaf rimc on some websites that require some programming.

  8. I have OCD. Will just wear sunglasses when ripping :)

  9. I'm not sure the process for seasonal residents, but I'm a full time Florida resident and had to wait two weeks for approval. It showed the payment as still being processed, but the hold up was with my ID verification. I submitted a copy of my DL, which requires manual review. I guess if you connect to Florida's DMV records for your ID verification, this is how I would have gotten instant approval.

  10. My friends down here all told me it took them all 2 weeks and that one day approval is a new change. We are spoiled with just having our drivers license scanned at the dispensaries up north.

  11. Well they are serious, and don't call me Shirley

  12. I’ll try to remember that Ms. Temple. I apologize my short term memory has been a bit weak as of late. It was a pleasure to chat with you.

  13. pin to drive is so inconvenient when you couple the following events that always happen when you are in a rush:

  14. _SKJ says:

    The powerwalls 😍

  15. The are after market badges as well unfortunately.

  16. My advice would be to see what other IVs are currently available and what the wait times are for those IDs the model three although being one of the greatest Ev’s is becoming outdated compared to other EV’s especially in regards to battery charge rate and ccs compatibility. The main reason I would consider another vehicle besides the model three would be to get an SUV at a similar price as the model three after tax incentives

  17. any brand you’d recommend? seems interesting

  18. i think quick220 is the name. Make sure you confirm your electrical setup before ordering

  19. looked it up and it’s just what i’m looking for. thank you so much my man 🙏🏻

  20. Good luck man. Don’t forget the outlets have to be from different poles.

  21. Great advise. I’m most likely going to sell the scooter and just pick up a gt se. I’m away for school and didn’t take my 18650 batteries or tab welder. The gt se would be more doable for traveling around with as well. Doubt I can take it on domestic flights. I guess I can mail them to myself.

  22. Was doing alright on ochem practice tests using booster, but during the test I ended up second guessing myself on a couple questions. Definitely feel like I could have scored higher

  23. i think if you apply early and don’t retake you would still get it. With the 15 if you have time and funds to retake I would.

  24. But how can you have time to watch both if each episode is an hour then you have to spend ten hours a day getting into arguments on the internet over which one is better?

  25. Here’s another way of looking at it. If you haven’t seen any of them and are waiting for the end of the show (final review). You will know which is worth watching if any at all. You might read a comment for 5-10 min a day. Maybe 20 days thats 200 mins. You either save 800 hours of tv watching or 2000 hours. If you make minimum wage. That is $15,000 to 40,000 in lost potential income. This is why I don’t watch much tv. I felt ripped off when I watched game of thrones even though I was a child.

  26. If it interests you, just check it out. I don't get why people need to wait for reviews to tell them if a show is good or not.

  27. Just like books and women. They might take time to open up and build up. Sometimes that build up leads to something great sometimes it leaves you terribly disappointed and miserable. Reviews are what you use to figure that out. That is to assume you can wait 5-8 years for the show to flesh out and finish. I understand what you mean about reviews on shows with only a couple episodes it’s not fair.

  28. It's too late for that, he apologized, I let him go. Oh well.

  29. Nah man, someone injures you or messes your stuff, you get compensated. It's a stranger not a friend don't get it twisted. We live in a world where we need to pay insurance for everything, get sued for everything, when we rely on the insurance they don't pay up and we accept that which is the problem.

  30. Unfortunately my knee is inflamed, I'm limping and can't walk straight. Hopefully it recovers fast. As for letting the guy go it's alright, it is what it is. The world is a hard place but sometimes you meet someone who gives you a 2nd chance. I guess yesterday was that man's 2nd chance.

  31. Hopefully your leg has a 2nd chance. At least get it checked out if you have health insurance man.

  32. My job location changes every few months so. If I lived at a house i wouldn’t really mind it to much but living in apartments made it a bit harder

  33. I live in an apartment where they have 35 ev chargers in the parking garage. None of them have power. The absurd amount they want to charge per month, nobody will use it. I was dealing with superchargers until I found dozens of nearby free ev chargers. Can’t get anything free with a gas car lol.

  34. grub screws, set screws,keyed screws they have lots of names and are available in most hardware stores in the US.

  35. I'm at 294 in a P3 after 30k miles

  36. If the top of my graph says 1400kw and the peek is not even visible. Would you assume it is a glitch or that I went ham mode?

  37. The problem I’m experiencing is having to click fit on all my image occlusion boxing step. I’ve tried editing styling, but it impacts my occlusion placement now. Would this add-on help with that?

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