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  2. That cut looks perfectly smooth and flat, amazing feat using only hand tools imho

  3. I'm just confused why someone's are storing that many Tesla's in one place like that.

  4. JFC, every single post about Israel there’s a loon in the comments.

  5. Apartheid, Genocide - People like you love changing terms of words to fit it into a narrative cause the word itself is bad. Amnesty admited on doing it themselves.

  6. Yes that it’s, has nothing to do with years or gross human rights violations, breaking UN resolutions, occupation, land theft, and crimes against humanity. Thanks for clearing that up. Fuck Israel. Fuck apartheid and its apologist.

  7. Athens can get shady in places but if you’re in Mykonos, Santorini or any other bug touristy spots you should be ok. You’ll see plenty of more expensive watches in Santorini and Mykonos depending which hotel or beach you’re at.

  8. Because the police have been infiltrated with right wing extremist and generally show up as counter protesters rather than to keep peace.

  9. Can it only power nefarious things or can it also power things for peaceful primroses?

  10. Send the mods selfie with photo ID, hand written note with Reddit handle and todays date, plus photons the watch, note and ID

  11. I love the oyster + fluted DJ combo but I am probably in the minority here. General rule is:

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