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  1. My side effects were nausea, extreme fatigue and an alarming mood change to the point my mother asked if she should call my doctor because I was so apathetic. All within the first week, and I just stopped Strattera to try Wellbutrin. A family member who takes Strattera said she had nausea and that foggy, inattentive feeling for the first few weeks but found it tolerable, and by week three she noticed a big difference in the positive effects. She has a spoonful of peanut butter before she takes it and says it helps with the nausea. Best bet is to monitor how you feel and if you feel horrible talk to your doctor. So many people have said Strattera can be the hardest drug to start, but if it works then the 2-4 weeks of side effects are worth it. It wasn’t worth it for me, but my family member feels great. Good luck!!

  2. The song Sweetheart by Long Beard, but specifically the part from 0:57 - 1:06

  3. I see the adhd symptoms I experience as a disability. They may have been useful if I was born 10,000 years ago and I don’t think they are “abnormal” along the continuum of human behaviour/brain stuff. But they still make it very, very difficult to have a life I find enjoyable in today’s society. So for me, adhd is disabling compared to the people around me.

  4. I have the same issue, since childhood. I’m not sure if it’s a phobia for me or a sensory thing, because I both panic and have that sensory overwhelm feeling... I put a washcloth over my eyes when I wash my hair, no face in the shower stream. I can’t swim under water and hate being splashed. Even rain drops on my face, I have to wipe them away immediately.

  5. I don’t have any ideas on how to stop, unfortunately. But when I told my doctor my hair pulling got way more frequent when I started Dexedrine, he mentioned some meds can make things like that worse. I’ve just switched to Strattera and don’t feel wildly different but did notice I didn’t have the urge to feel around for little pokey hairs to pick/pull at the last two days. (Could be lack of Dexedrine though)

  6. I had to have an ECG before I started meds because of my weight, and was borderline high. Since starting meds my pressure ticked up very slightly for a few months, but has since come back down. I started meds in Jan and by June by pressure had stabilized :)

  7. I’ll be 40 in February and I still find masking in public to be easier than not, but the amount of time it takes for me to recover is getting longer.

  8. 2007 repeating itself. The best thing for her would be for the media to ignore her entirely. Too much money to be made off her, here we go again.

  9. As a very casual observer of this whole thing, she appears to be trapped at some stage of maturity. 17-19ish maybe? The stuff she is doing reminds me of an episode of Teen Mom. Except she’s a massive celebrity and her children have gained a public voice. I hope they can all find peace in their lives eventually.

  10. I’m hopeful I will get the same effects! I’ve been on Dexedrine for 8 months but I’ve been having trouble with increased hair pulling (apparently can be linked to stimulants) so my doctor is waiting on results of an ECG and blood and then hopefully I can switch to Strattera. I hope I get the same benefits you are feeling!

  11. Does anyone know any other stories about her? Apparently Bethany Frankel agrees. I was obsessed with Friends growing up and she was my favorite 😢

  12. They are D list people jumping on a bandwagon. I would disregard anything that comes out of either of their mouths 😂

  13. He looks like a bloated weasel.

  14. To all the people turning left going this direction at 8:20 AM, I may be in a car behind you yelling with the windows up about the giant no left turn sign while I wait AGES for you to be able to turn and then sit at the red again because you couldn’t get through. Also I realize this is not something to complain about, but every morning I am irritated 😂

  15. Something tells me Larry Masters typed this up on Canva while watching Fox News and doesn’t actually know what critical race theory is.

  16. They let Lloyd Robertson be the face of the news until he was like, 107. But Lisa has to go?

  17. Yikes. That guy sounds like a joy to work for 😬

  18. I used to work in medical esthetics and 100% of the clients who came in regularly were addicted. The pain, the cost, what they might look like in ten years… no matter. They all compared it to tattoo’s, once you get one you want more. One client told me the pain meant she was “getting even prettier”. I wonder if it’s similar for these surgeries?

  19. Yea this was one of the options I was looking at. OFC and Ziggydoo wheels do come out to around the same price for my location. If you were to choose what would you go with based off you and your friends experience?

  20. While I prefer the look of OFC, it’s a bit sleeker, I’d stick with the Ferris Wheel because of the size. One of my bengals is very long so that extra inch or two helps take the pressure off his back.

  21. for real this shit is getting out of hand. i’m 28 and my generation started convincing everyone they have adhd and autism and everything else in the book 10 years ago and it’s just flown off the handle since.

  22. Lol 20 years ago my generation convinced everyone they had anxiety and depression. Turned out a lot of us did and eventually all the talking about it died down. I wouldn’t get too pressed over people getting their mental health sorted out.

  23. Written by someone who doesn’t have adhd, clearly! Sure I can teach myself, force myself, “be good enough” to learn about something boring at work - but my brain won’t retain the information. So is that a lack of a dopamine, a lack of moral fortitude or working memory problems? If ONLY it could be reduced to dopamine/no dopamine willpower/no willpower.

  24. If you already have a doctor, write down all your symptoms (or print this post) and give it to them. Tell them you need help and that your work and social life are suffering. They may send you home with some forms to fill out, describing your symptoms, and they may want to try you on an SSRI or anti-anxiety med even if adhd is the diagnosis. But the first step is vocalizing this to someone who can at least point you in the right direction. Next suggestion would be to contact the local mental health organization in your area - possibly Canadian Mental Health Association. Or Google the town/city/municipality you live in and their website may have links. They can get you linked up with other organizations for help with dental work, medication, etc. You can self-refer, last time I looked anyway. Step one: make a doctor’s appointment.

  25. I would definitely talk to your doctor. The sense of impending doom could be anxiety, and the low mood and tiredness could be medication crash, if you’re on stimulants. It could be your body is still adjusting, or it could be a sign the medication isn’t the right one for you, dose needs adjusting etc. Another thing to consider is if you experience PMS, and now is when that time might be… it could be hormones. I feel exactly how you describe during pms (pmdd for me) and my medication doesn’t work as well. Exercise sometimes helps the anxiety, along with making sure you’re eating and drinking enough water during the day.

  26. When I was a kid the corner piece would always end up in the scissors drawer because everyone but my mom has adhd. At least once a month she would dump all the little triangle plastic pieces in someone’s bed as a deterrent but it didn’t work. To this day when I go to my parent’s, I find the corner of a milk bag in the scissors drawer 😂😂

  27. I don’t have a therapist so please take my advice with a grain of salt and check with a professional, but I am trying to change one small thing at a time. For example right now I am working on being comfortable asking people to repeat directions. I used to just say ok sure yup and then as soon as the person walked away I had no idea what they asked me to do. Now I ask them to hold on a second while I write it down. Even though I am writing down things that other people can remember easily, and it makes me feel like people must think I’m an idiot, I feel more in control now. And of course people don’t think I am an idiot, they seem to think I have so much to do that I need to write things down to stay organized. So my workload has actually decreased slightly in the office as they think I must be stressed 😂 I couldn’t drop the mask in one go, taking small bites of the elephant is working though.

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