1. I think I used this a few years ago and it was clumpy for me. Did I do it wrong? Everyone seems to love it and hype it up! Also the cheapest price I found right now is on Ulta… is this the same product in the photo?

  2. I’ve tried using it a few times but keep going back to the Diorshow primer. It’s the only one that doesn’t go clumpy on me!

  3. I’m starting month 4 on 2mg at night. I also take Dexedrine during the day. At first it made me pretty tired and I would get random bursts of sweaty palms. The tiredness lasted 7-10 days and the palm sweats about six weeks. I found right away it helped my social anxiety a bit, but then I felt the same as before after a few days. December was a really stressful month but I’ve found since mid-January that I am definitely less anxious. My heart doesn’t jump out of my chest when I see an email from my manager. I am talking a lot more at work. I don’t feel as reactive after a perceived rejection, almost like my anxious thoughts have slowed down.

  4. Thank you for telling me your experience. I am a bit worried about side effects. I have several chronic illnesses and take a decent amount of meds as it is. Already grappling with dry mouth and constant nausea. So I'm hoping I don't have too many side effects. Starting tonight so we'll see! Have a crazy mix of excitement and nervousness! At least I have my fiance to babysit me, lol!

  5. I’ll keep my fingers crossed if you do have any side effects, they aren’t nausea or dry mouth! My cousin started on it and only experienced some hot flashes for a couple days and nothing else. Hopefully you’ll have nothing noticeable :)

  6. This isn't on you, it's shitty product design. I work in the field and find having ADHD gives me a really good leg up on making products as intuitive as possible. I see color first with products, images second and text absolutely last. The beige color would make me think it was for nude suede as well.

  7. My eyes saw beige then went to the letters and the ue/nu read as nude in my brain. So even though I’ve trained myself to look twice, it would forever be beige nude 😂 Terrible design!

  8. Yes, I went through waves of this from 16-late 30’s. Antidepressants never helped, but taking at least a year off work did. To a degree anyway, because the more often it happens the less I’m able to recover. During lockdowns I was off work for quite a bit, and ended up changing careers to office work last year. I have predictable hours and it has helped. Also getting on the right meds and regular iron infusions + vitamin d. And then sleeping past my guilt. I basically went to bed 90% of the time I wasn’t at work. Every other week I would go out for errands on a Saturday but I had no/very low social contact outside of work, and just slept and slept. After a month or so I could manage a short walk on weekday mornings before work, and then my energy levels started to build again. Winter is giving me the blahs again so I’ve just gone back to bed. While it feels like depression in my mind, I get the same passive suicidal thoughts, it seems to be more like mental exhaustion which leads me to physical exhaustion.

  9. If the medication has worked before with little to no side effects or hassle, it's likely a sign of something else being the problem.

  10. Thank you for the response! I am waiting for an iron infusion appointment so now that I’ve read your comment it’s dawned on me - that’s probably the issue. I’ll ask to have my vit d tested as well. Magnesium has been a benefit thankfully, so you’re likely right that it’s nutritional!

  11. I can’t leave a sponge in my sink or it’s confiscated and taken to the secret bengal lair in the closet 😂

  12. It’s anxiety for me, related to childhood stuff. I didn’t always understand why I was in the wrong with my parents so I learned to just constantly be on guard for trouble even when I have full confidence in what I’m doing. The medication Intuniv is helping a tiny bit. I got a “can you come to my office” message on Teams this morning and didn’t start sliding under my desk… progress lol. I think all the tips others have posted are very helpful.

  13. I have round eyes and it pinches the corners, and doesn’t really get all my lashes in. I’ve had one forever and will use it once in awhile but my old standby Revlon is the best I’ve tried, somehow lol

  14. I’m on week 2 and the only thing I notice is I can sleep without taking thc oil at night. Not the whole night, but I get a good 4 hours without waking up which is an improvement. Otherwise I haven’t noticed any change to my anxiety levels.

  15. How are you now? I’m 1 week tomorrow and my anxiety comes and goes but I did just taper my effexor dose too so the heightened anxiety could be from that. How long to see results. I take mine in the morning.

  16. I’m on 2 mg now and still take it at night - I don’t find there is a huge difference in my anxiety levels to be honest! But I also just found out my iron levels are really low, and that can make anxiety worse so perhaps the meds aren’t able to really be effective until that is corrected. So for now it’s helping me sleep a tiny bit better but that’s it. I hope you see some relief in your anxiety soon - it’s so hard to find the right medication combo!!

  17. My dad does this a lot and as a kid I always heard my mom say “you have to bite your tongue when you feel the impulse to correct people”. For years I would literally bite on my tongue to stop myself from interrupting private conversations to correct people. Only figured out it was a figure of speech when I went for an adhd diagnosis and was explaining that I have a hard time not butting in to correct people, and my tongue gets sore from biting it all the time. The doctor was like, “…do you literally bite your tongue?” and then we starting doing ASD testing as well 😂

  18. I gave my niece one of these yesterday and she’s been ensconced for a full 24 hours lol. Looks so cozy!

  19. Drinking 3x as much water as I normally would cleared this up for me! I was drinking 3 litres a day and upped it to 5L for a few weeks - odour gone. I’ve gone back down to 3L a day so I’m not in the bathroom all day and the odour hasn’t returned.

  20. That apology reads like a 12 year old boy was forced to write it.

  21. I left Gatineau in late 2019 paying $860 for a one bedroom in a brand new building. I never should have come back to Ontario.

  22. It was like we were the most un-creative generation. Why did we do this? It’s so lazy. A dress over ugly jeans, groundbreaking. I’m going to be 40 next month and remember going out in public like this. Dress over ugly jeans! Honestly. We were so dumb. And why are people trying to bring it back?! I’m glad Katie does what she pleases but no. Not allowed. Be creative, kids. Don’t let them sell you this boring crap.

  23. I use thc oil rather than smoking, it’s the only way I sleep while taking Dexedrine. And Dexedrine is the only thing keeping me in my job. Intuniv at night has helped a little bit with sleep so I can take some nights off the thc, but it doesn’t let me sleep for 5-6 hours like the thc does. My life with this combo compared to how I was before, massive improvements. So lucky I live in Canada and have a younger GP who is ok with THC. And if my family thought I was abusing anything or using anything as avoidance, they would never shut up about it. And so far so good 😂

  24. Not only can you never return, but you must move house, change your name, dye your hair, pierce (or take the piercing out of) your nose, and decide upon a new favorite color!!! 😉

  25. Sometimes I visualize writing the thing I'm worried about on a whiteboard and erase them. I'll do it over and over again until the words don't have meaning anymore. It's oddly helpful?

  26. I’ll try that method next time as well! I like the idea of externalizing the thoughts/feelings by imagining them on a white board, and I have the power to erase them.

  27. Lmao I was fully prepared to change everything including my favourite colour on the weekend 😂 But as you predicted - it was fine! I went to work today and didn’t feel any weirdness at all. I like your method of not thinking about it until day x, I am going to try that next time!

  28. I just paid duty on an order over $100 too - first time it’s happened.

  29. I honestly didn’t even think about it until I saw this post - only because the lady at the post office was saying to people in line in front of me that everyone was paying duty on stuff from the US lately. I’m going to email them now though!


  31. Water water water!! And if it doesn’t calm down or gets itchy definitely go to the doc. I’ve had this problem every time I switch meds and it’s always down to not enough water.

  32. I had bariatric surgery 10 years ago and still rely on protein shakes and bars to get enough nutrients in, so I feel your pain! Soylent has been my go-to for drinks because I can’t do blenders/shakers/powder on a daily basis. Too much work. Just ship the box to my house every two weeks and I put them in the fridge, done. Nutritionally I don’t know that it’s the best, but I like the taste of the chocolate ones and it’s reliably available where I am, and my blood work keeps coming back fine. For bars I like Simply Protein. They don’t have that dense texture or weird smell and taste, and the flavours are pretty good.

  33. I have the same thing. Nothing has stopped it but I find if I avoid caffeine completely and don’t have any sugar in the morning it’s a bit better. I also get random sweaty palms along with the shakiness so that’s fun lol

  34. Oh wow do I get this. I spent four months thinking about tropical houseplants and their care last year while doing a boring data entry job with no headphones. Just let me think about six things at once with a podcast on in the background and I’ll do the best work you’ve ever seen 😂 I hope you find something interesting to keep you occupied soon.

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