1. His political affiliations are fluid and seem to be coming out of his…wherever.

  2. I’m sorry, this is your vulva talking; now I’m just wherever? Just who am I to you then!

  3. Glad I followed my own nose, instead of his.

  4. I think Doge will outlast Twitter and shouldn’t be sniffing up its butt.

  5. Just put it in writing, preferably a change order. Document it so that they can't come back at you later.

  6. I recommend coming on to the L first. Give it an hour to develop; YMMV, and then do the MDMA.You’ll still be tripping when the MDMA wears off, but in that afterglow way that is so LSD.

  7. Accumulation? Nick, I say let’s leave it in, and get the job done!!

  8. It would work in theory only if you purchased the whole float and then extra. Then drs’d the float and sold off the additional shares slowly driving the price up

  9. I wonder how many dumps we’re scheduled for.

  10. It’s part of the code. Revisiting frequencies is more than simple geekery.

  11. It’s still Distributing even if you don’t receive compensation.

  12. I have a Makita 36v and a Stihl Farmboss. The Stihl sits and I use the Makita for literally everything.

  13. Over? Did you say over? NOTHING’S over until WE decide it is…

  14. I’ve never thrown up on MDMA, so there’s that.

  15. If those threads are compromised - it looks like they might be - take the whole damn sink out! If you cut the faucet off it’s toast, plus you’ll likely unseat the sink anyway. Just remove the clips, gently pry it up and off whatever caulking, and you can get the faucet up.

  16. Do you need funds for this recent hardware upgrade? Or even just a Christmas present?

  17. Ramps are typically coded to be 10’ between landings. 32’ is really too long and frankly too dangerous of an incline to go in one shot. If you’re doing it w/o inspection, try 16’ runs with a landing at top, center and bottom. In any case you don’t need 32’ 2x6s.

  18. Amaranth. With butter and tamari, all week long.

  19. Me, too, and it hasn’t done me any favors.

  20. I can say I have used this way some 40 years. Several-to-many times during, I’ve had to lie (because super top secret, right?) and it’s been the thing that has destroyed me. The drug itself - well, here is not the place to go fanboy about it, but used wisely, the negative effects fade.

  21. That is a great moniker. Nausea pills! Of course they are. You can have mine.

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