1. We were on a float trip and I woke up to a view of him shirtless cutting down a tree. Yeah.

  2. Isn’t EQ a better determiner of success? Ni-Fe

  3. I love it but I also get weirdly stressed. Like maybe I put too much pressure on it? Maybe it’s the familiarity of the person I’ve been in past years and letting myself be the new person I’ve grown into around my family? I mostly love it, I think. My heart loves it, my brain just needs to chill.

  4. Sure you get the guarantee but if you're revival blessing you're not using all these other supposed tools he's got, which means you're still basically sacrificing him.

  5. I don't know what happened to your account. It's not saying anything on my end and I have no controls to make your posts visible. I don't have the ability to shadowban and I don't have the ability to undo it.

  6. I’ve also never met an ISFP, where are you guys???

  7. All I know is I’ve never gotten along well with an “INFJ” but I think it’s because they were mistyped but wanted to seem super unique and misunderstood, which is just an annoying quality to me lol.

  8. I'm not saying it's an INVALID strategy. I'm saying that it won't break meta because there are counters already built into teams people are already using.

  9. Hey will you or any of the other ENTP mods respond to the messages I’ve been sending you

  10. Yeah, I’ve heard of that. Thank you. I definitely had that at least as a child. I’m just frustrated because literally my insistence that I should be able to say things about my ex-fiancé is pushing me away from Jesus. Every time I try to say something like that about my ex-fiancé, no matter how I try to go about saying it, it always opens the doors to the enemy, unforgivable sun, I’ve said it about Jesus, I just feel super far and under attack once I’ve said it and I have to repent to get back to reading in Jesus. There’s just been no way. It sucks I just want Jesus to hear me that I’m not saying any of these things about him but about my ex-fiancé.

  11. I’m confused... is the ex fiancé name Jesus or John/Mike whatever and you were led to believe he was Alpha and Omega? Why would you even attribute that to him? Just curious.

  12. His name isn’t anything like that lol. I have no idea how that ended up happening… I just know when it all started I felt like his heart looked and felt like God’s and that was how God told me I would know when I’d found “the one,” so that could be why

  13. Could it be that you feel you let Jesus down by ending the engagement?

  14. For sure considering he never lead me to end it and didn’t really show me that option. I feel like I had to leave good leadership to do so, it sucked

  15. Hey sorry I know this isn’t related but the mods won’t ever respond to me. Does anyone know why my posts to this sub are being automatically removed? Same with the MBTI sub. I’ve never violated any kind of rules or whatever

  16. Do you have a preference between wet or dry? Trying to achieve the right vibe whilst reading your comment.

  17. Lmao whichever one comes out, that’s typically how these things happen

  18. I just sent this one to a friend today.

  19. I swear Reddit has not been letting any of my posts in mbti or this sub get literally any views. Be nice to me on this one, mods

  20. Idk that’s an impossible question but my go-to karaoke songs are Good 4 U by Olivia Rodrigo and 3005 by Childish Gambino

  21. What do you mean don’t get through to him and have the wrong approach? ESFP’s are notoriously nervous about the future/their decisions and need the time and space to feel things out

  22. INFJ could be really good or really bad but I’ll take my chances

  23. Donald Glover is great. I'm addicted to the Spiderman/Deadpool hqs right now

  24. Wait, it may actually be Chandler Bing lol

  25. Generally, yes… I try to not plan too much because once I have my mind set on something it is GOING to happen, so I try to trick myself by holding everything with an open hand. Sometimes I can get too set on a bad idea.

  26. Absolutely, however the ideal is hardly ever the reality as sad as that makes me. I’d argue most people are likely unhealthy with out realizing it.

  27. For sureee.. the baseline human experience is so far from the ideal at this point that we don’t even remember any different

  28. No, tyranny rises out of two things: Fear and a Desire for Safety. If you desire safety enough you will give up your autonomy to be safe.

  29. This is true. I think a 6 would be the most apt to willingly give up control to another. A 9 to go along with the peace. A 2 to not lose the connection. A 3 to appease whoever they are wanting to win over. But any other type I really can’t see it.

  30. It definitely does seem like 5 humor though, like "advice" which is really well thought out but horrible

  31. I’ve thought about his MBTI before. Either an INTP who is actually socially incompetent (or self aware enough to make fun of his social shortcomings) or an INTJ/ISTJ with Fe blind. I started following him before he really became popular and at the beginning there I sincerely could not tell if he was messing with us or not haha. Obviously he’s doing it as a joke now.

  32. Just lean into you Fe and loop around until you die

  33. When I said a past life I was being metaphorical, as in how I used to behave in the past. Though I do believe we live multiple lives at once

  34. Okay haha. My bad on the assumption. Is still possible it isn’t enneagram related though. I used to be very controlling but I don’t think anything in my type suggests that. It was just trauma related/my attachment style

  35. Thank you lol. I don’t find my 3 or 5 wings to be significant, but their huge and sexy quality is definitely worth noting

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