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  1. My man must be pretty good at GTA Vice City missions

  2. I've always watched dogs play in ice/snow, but dogs don't feel cold enough to not want to do it? I know some dogs have thick fur, but what about other dogs with not so thick fur?

  3. Try the same thing I said on your PC, I hope new Reddit here means the updated/upgraded version of old Reddit

  4. Anyone has some cute dog pictures they wanna share?

  5. I kinda feel bad for the second last guy

  6. His strength is 10 hours of meditation and still yoga

  7. It's been a while since a good free giveaway from steam

  8. Would you let us see him grab an apple from your hand?

  9. LOL I've had extremely good service but mine was related to someone trying to steal my account and I kinda got compromised, but it was resolved very quickly (at-least-once I verified that I in-fact am the real true owner of my epic games account) , I wonder why they didn't ask the "scammer" to verify himself as the real owner when he got temporary control of my account)

  10. do steam global gift cards work in any country ?? i wanted to buy one for my birthday since no one gifted me anything but im scared they wont work

  11. check reviews or check activation information, it says active globally, OR it says region-restricted etc, also happy birthday, also where are you from?

  12. thanks a lot ! im from morocco, im still looking for steam cards, the place where i found them doesnt sell them anymore

  13. Shit, I cannot gift anything to Morocco region even if I wanted to :(

  14. you mean on hardware or bandwidth? bandwidth medium, because you are running a blockchain on that pc, hardware? no, when you are done plotting the hdd, then not

  15. Is 1 TB worth anything, even for making cents? and does the internet connection needs to be literally 24/7

  16. no it isnt worth it, and ofc it has to be connected to the internet

  17. Its a good guide, but there are more newer apps, which you can include in it 🙂

  18. Name a few internet sharing apps that I've not covered (only internet sharing)

  19. Am I the only one who Reddit(read it) as Browser?

  20. You should really check out MSR app. I make fast, easy money and it requires very little effort. It’s legit and I’ve cashed out numerous times already. You can choose from gift cards or PP. I always prefer the cash sent to my PP. I earn with the MSR app by sharing data. Use my code THw01ghV to DOUBLE your welcome bonus!

  21. Is it really not enough to give you a whole list as a sticky, a curated sidebar, banners, multiple menus at the top, the collection of Who Paid You Last Month, the collection of Sites of The Month and hundreds of posts with the same question?

  22. Megathread can literally get overwhelming for new users :P

  23. Why do this post and the top comment look sus, and who exactly should we talk to in order to enquire about the expected time required to make a 5$ cashout?

  24. it's not a good thing to discuss it here but lying about your city and salary isn't necessarily lying:-

  25. How old are you and where are you from?

  26. What did they say, the only 3 comments have been deleted

  27. they asked for a game, like this sub is some kind of shop or something, they mentioned being a student and broke and I just wanted to get a better understanding so that I can assist them regarding ways to get free games depending on their region,

  28. well as of last night my friend group has divide into 2 ½ and it getting to the point where i have to choose :(

  29. That's unfortunate, If I could go back in time, I'd stick with the ones who supported me more and understood me more, not the ones with whom I talk more. Hope things cool down between your friends

  30. Hahahaha the agent with highest skill ceiling is worst? What are your friends, pinball pros?

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