1. If you smoke enough to consider yourself a stoner but don't exercise, you're asking for mental and physical issues down the line

  2. Thanks for the wake up call buddy

  3. My 4 week old has never had its tongue out like that even after being on the boob over an hour…though he gets super milk drunk lol BUT why would a tongue like that be concerning? Sorry first time mama here

  4. A tongue that is up like that constantly would make it difficult for him to latch/drink and if it persists it could interfere with breathing (depending on severity) and if not addressed when older can sometimes change speech… but the newborn and infant stuff is the most concerning, obviously. Unsure if it’s a tie (tye?) or his tongue is too large or what… but with his color and how skinny baby looks I’d just want a doctor to evaluate the situation.

  5. I can’t tell if that’s a filter or his coloring is still off

  6. It’s the cup on the floor for me

  7. And a LTK water bottle. Where and when did she even get that?!😂

  8. In another closet picture I saw something that I think was like wine bottle shaped. The only glasses or cups you’ll see randomly in my upstairs are 1.) water on night stand, swapped out daily 2.) my fish tank water cup that sits next to the tank and 3.) my toothbrush ceramic cup that I wash regularly. Girl’s weird dude!

  9. I compliment men to make them feel good but so many think I’m flirting. I have to essentially be nice then run away

  10. “I think that color looks really good on you and you have nice hair!” immediately flees

  11. It angers me on a gut level and I can’t pinpoint why.

  12. Makes me think of like claymation talking

  13. Ok so you're telling me both these bozos have posted pics of themselves in their underwear in like 24 hours? Gross.

  14. Maybe they can’t make sales with their dusty snail oil so they’re preparing for Jern’s OnlyFans

  15. Are these “velvet” nails? Love the polish & effect

  16. Well it IS a PUMPKIN latte! Latte for pumpkin! (Jk jk)

  17. Thank you thank you for ending the glue trap torture! Those things are horrendous, poor little guy…

  18. That’s a bonnie bird means it’s Beautiful/Lovely! (p sure that’s an accurate definition)

  19. One word answers are often seen as snappy or cold. If you can’t think of a way to lengthen your response “yes”-> “yes hi / yes how’re you? / yes I just had breakfast” then you can replace it with an emoji to indicate tone like “yes 🙂” or “yes 🥱” which allows people insight. Idk though I think yes is fine honestly

  20. Well that would definitely set an obvious tone

  21. Lovely colors oh my she’s so cute

  22. We should make a list of all rabbits favorite odd toys to save people money in the future haha

  23. How weird to name your product flavors something that doesn’t describe the flavor and then also not be able to describe the flavor.

  24. I imagine it tastes like trix cause silly rabbit trix are for kids?

  25. For someone who cares so much about looks… ya nails are grown out

  26. That does look like a double joint! I’m double jointed and I can do that thing with my finger. Always looks weird…

  27. Baby bunny! Really cute well done

  28. How much neck gets through that kill cone? Looks narrow. Do you just remove the head all at once or do you cut halfway to allow blood to pump out?

  29. You could always cut some of the cone off to make a bigger opening

  30. That neck does NOT look like it works out

  31. John why do you think about dicks so much? Chill tf out

  32. It’s not nap hair if it’s like that all the time

  33. genuinely curious bc I’m not familiar with opioids - wouldn’t they make her appear intoxicated in the same way something like Xanax or Percocet would? bc typically I feel like those mellow people out whereas she appears strung out on an upper and manic.

  34. I thought that too but two people I’ve seen on heroin were like… speedy?? I said “oh *Joe is acting all manic, did he have like four monsters??” And my housemate was like “nah dude that’s heroin” the nod and dips came later but he was very active at first. Had no idea

  35. I have but it was because of opiates. Not saying that’s what this is AT ALL but I’ve seen pupils this pinned before

  36. Okay but straws, straws! Better than sippy cups! I can understand paper plates for kiddos cause if they’re not used to ceramic they could accidentally break them… but Erm’s hair still isn’t brushed

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