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  1. if this were true then why is she still here?

  2. Oh wow, what a fresh and unique perspective. Only you and six other people in this thread so far had this amazingly original insight. I wonder if thousands of other commenters before you have ever had this thought

  3. did a word search on “e-coli” before i posted. i must have made an errant query. sorry about that.

  4. https://spectrumlocalnews.com/tx/austin/weather/allergy-forecast#Austin_Allergy_Count-WX

  5. if you lose power it must be God’s will.

  6. dash mount or pillar mount incelerometer?

  7. very upright for big brett and little brett to come up with this resolution

  8. gotta make room for a huge box made of a combination of brick, limestone and stucco

  9. how can we learn more about the mission of Corporal Captain Majewski?

  10. are they also suing over PPP loan forgiveness?

  11. So Gillian’s Island was fictional this whole time?

  12. Guys, this isn't who she really is! Everyone that knows her knows she loves the minorities!! Guys, c'mon! Her account was hacked! She was taking new medications! You have to believe me!

  13. let’s wait for her press release that states this is a personal matter and everyone should respect her privacy. they’ll also be asking for prayers of support as she takes time away from teaching to be with her family.

  14. The worst part is this pathetic, cowardly move actually worked out for Paxton. Judge sided with him and quashed the subpoena. Stay classy Texas

  15. Pitman is a level, good judge. Obama appointee. and gay.

  16. https://www.thesoundarchive.com/somethingaboutmary/marymaster.wav

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