1. Since it's so far out in advance, all I have in stone is the flights. We would definitely be open to renting a car especially if we want to venture out if the city.

  2. Transit from the airport is pretty great - you could get away with taking the sky train from there to downtown, stay a night, explore and then take the sea bus (also public transit) to North Vancouver. Rent a car from there and go exploring :)

  3. I’d do one night in Vancouver, explore the city. Then take the seabus across to North Vancouver. Stay there a night or two and explore Grouse Mountain, capilano suspension bridge, lighthouse point. Drive up to Squamish on the sea to sky highway, there’s some great hikes around there. Could do whistler too but would want to stay overnight there and it’ll be a longer drive. I’d honestly just stick around North Vancouver. It’s not super busy like downtown (separated by the harbour and up against the mountains). It’ll give you a good base to explore. IMO Victoria and Vancouver island would be too rushed and the ferries are there own adventure and trip.

  4. And I’ll add in Vancouver downtown, since you’re active I’d walk coal harbour all the way around Stanley park, to False Creek. Can hop over to Granville Island and see the market, lots of eats there. You could rent bikes too. This will give you the best views and get a sense of your surroundings while not being right in the core of downtown - lots of scenery, trees, beach etc.

  5. This wins Reddit for today. So cute!! Zoomies in the snow

  6. You also have to end your care with your current doctor before finding a new one (presuming you’re in Ontario right now). Not sure how it would work if you moved from another province.

  7. Yeah, it's a bit wonky though and im still slightly confused how this is going to play out. But it sounds like for this month we will be getting a rebate/credit for the last 6 months. Which will I THINK make this month more or less "free".

  8. Oh interesting! I wonder if it depends on your municipality. I just assumed we’d start paying the discounted rate (whatever that is based on the percentage off scale) and get a rebate for April 1st onwards.

  9. I'm going to ask to go on leave for the duration of the strike. I have 5 weeks of vacation time so I'm hoping to use it. Last two-day strike I sent my boy to a strike camp but with all the respiratory illnesses going around I'm not sure I want him with a brand new cohort of kids. Seems risky.

  10. I’m thinking the same, maybe a combo of leave without pay and using up all my vacation, if my employer agrees. I’m so done. Extremely lucky to have the options though and to have a job to go back to. May as well keep them out until the new year at this point!

  11. I was looking for a post to see if anyone else is going through the same. I’m on day 11 after going cold turkey (only 50mg). Long story but essentially an issue with the pharmacy/communication/faxes to my doctor. Not to mention health care is a mess where I live right now so I think everyone’s under a lot of stress. Anyways, I am still so dizzy and out of it. It’s just a constant feeling of bleh. I’ve been through worse when tapering off Effexor in the past, but the symptoms peaked and then I started feeling better day by day. This experience is like it’s never going to end.

  12. Yes! Sometimes it feels like a whole other level of exhaustion to talk. Especially when I’m overstimulated by my kids. Like my face muscles almost get frozen in a way and I have no energy to make them work, even if I know what I want to say in my head

  13. We’re a province eating mr noodles everyday. May have money in the bank but our insides are a mess.

  14. No way, what city? And has your centre started charging the new reduced fees?

  15. We were lucky enough to get a spot (starting in April when my fiancé goes back to work), at a place that had opted in to this. It’s a huge help not quite $10 but it will be 50% of the current cost when the new year comes. Paying $1000/month for 2 days a week just seemed insane, $500 is much more manageable.

  16. Just be prepared to pay full price in case the “live” fee decreases haven’t rolled out by then. We haven’t seen any savings yet.. should be getting a refund from our centre this fall for the decreases from April 2022 onwards. It’s been quite the waiting game depending on how the money is moving from the province to municipalities to the daycares to the parents lol.

  17. I’ve seen a “cafe” being run out of a home in our suburb (believe it was coffee/baked goods and fish sandwiches mainly)… no idea how it’s done or if it’s legal but I’d assume there are some requirements to make it onto doordash/Uber eats etc.

  18. I just loved the episode where she’s like “is this all still Canada over there”, like pointing to the mountains and water directly north of Vancouver lol

  19. Mine didn’t either (same dosages but only 9 months of waiting). My doctor didn’t want to increase anymore since we weren’t seeing many improvements other than increased breast size lol. I’m trying birth control on top of the IUD I have now instead. My skin was clear in the past when on birth control, but has been so so bad since having kids. Basically the IUD doesn’t cause acne but also doesn’t have what’s needed to balance you so some people need the double layer.

  20. My son’s kindergarten teacher is on there lol. I agree with what you’re saying though

  21. So far our online learning (Friday in London), was just some links. My understanding is teachers aren’t doing live virtual school like during the pandemic. It’ll just be self guided if you want

  22. People are smart enough to understand what's really going on here. Ford's agenda has been plain for all to see for some time!

  23. Yep and most parents are pretty numb to interruption nowadays. Oh another week of kids home while I work, no big deal anymore. Need to help another kid in our neighbourhood so their parent can go to work - I got you. Out of all the parents I’ve talked to, we are on CUPE’s side and will keep our kids home as long as it takes. A content child at home is often reflective of their school, so I want well paid, happy people supporting them there.

  24. I’m thinking private daycare centres might be next to close and join the fight (especially ones that signed onto the $10 a day program). That’s a whole other shit show and no one seems to know when they’re getting the backpay from April onwards. In total support of RECEs from daycares across the province joining the picket lines until a CUPE deal is reached. Closing daycares would put pressure on businesses and cripple health care even more, then maybe more unions would then join in. It’s not just about CUPE, it’s about being able to stand up for our rights and pressure the government of this province. Everyone deserves fair wages and working conditions - ball is in our court across many industries to follow suit and turn this into a bigger situation for the province.

  25. We’re not logging in with our kindergartener. From what I understand the teacher isn’t doing any sort of live school like during the pandemic. We got a paper with some ideas and the website will be updated with some links or lessons to look at if you choose. I’m hoping the teacher’s union walk outs and stops doing any class prep or online learning in support. Enough is enough. Kids deserve well paid support!

  26. I feel this. Had a crazy birth with my first and a dream birth with my second. It was luck and we had hardly any time to get to the hospital - absolutely nothing could have been done to control the situation. I don’t mind sharing if friends ask, but glorifying a perfect, all natural birth like you controlled the whole thing is nonsense. I like to think those people get whiplash when they start experiencing motherhood and all that you CANNOT control or make into some crunchy celestial experience.

  27. Do you know if you started the pills the same day they were dispensed from the pharmacy? Sometimes if I can’t remember if I took my dose I’ll count how many are left and how many days since I picked up the prescription

  28. M1L0 says:

    Is the daycare cutting you a cheque? Or how is the rebate coming?

  29. Yes ours will be cutting a cheque from my understanding

  30. I took Wellbutrin and didn’t notice a difference - had one good week in the beginning month and then nothing. Stayed on it for months at 300mg. It made my heart race pretty bad too.

  31. You can call to ask, but basically each day the list gets shuffled around - high risk and emergencies always first. I ended up going naturally while waiting. I think it was around day 5 of waiting and they said I had been at the top of the list for two days but then there were emergencies. Just as a side note - the LHSC delivery team is amazing. You’ll be in great hands when the time comes.

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