1. Adrien Brody. It's the nose. It's such classic masculine Greek God Roman Emperor shit and it makes me feel feral

  2. The hair is soooo cute! When scrolling their tumblr to find it someone actually had the same question! Here is the dress & scarf 💜

  3. Ah thanks so much! I don't know why I couldn't find it!

  4. the cc creator listed is the one who made the hair and their WCIFs are closed

  5. For that many to be dumped... I saw something similar with hermit crabs when a pet store closed, is that what happened?

  6. The pet store is still open! No idea where they came from. They were left outside the store in the morning when no one was there. The store doesn't actually sell birds. They're so tame it seems pretty likely they were from a home environment too. Maybe someone died, or just couldn't look after them anymore. A shitty way to deal with it either way!

  7. they were just left outside a pet shop with no note or anything. no idea how long they were there before it opened.

  8. Ok I have no answers on the bird front but I can see from your comments you are very worried about the diagnosis. Chlamydia in adults is super common and super treatable. It's not really anything to worry about at all, and most people will deal with something like this in their adult life. Despite was poor sex education at school probably made you believe, this isn't a scary life-altering thing and after your doctor gives you some antibiotics you will be fine. Make sure your partner gets tested and treated too as if not you could end up in a cycle of constantly giving each other chlamydia.

  9. Please do my ex had it at some point before me, though we found out he had it and was just a carrier and now he can't have mean.he didn't want to and I was young but it was a sadness.

  10. Yes though just to reassure the OP this only happens in about 10-15 percent of women. Obviously still very sad, but not a foregone conclusion. Testing and treatment is key!

  11. Nice! Does anyone have any ideas on making this veggie? I guess I could just remove the chicken but it would be nice to add in some extra protein!

  12. I can't remember what podcast I was listening to recently but it was a woman and her husband and she was talking about how her husband never lets her go on walks alone at night and has to come with her anytime she wants to go out for a walk like it was a total, normal, reasonable thing. Violent, random crime is incredibly rare and that sort of behaviour is borderline hysteria - if a podcaster is so embedded in the true crime world that they've lost any sense of reality or perspective that is a big red flag to me.

  13. I would highly recommend the YouTube channel Bird Tricks. They do amazing work with all sorts of parrots but they also own an adorable budgie and have a budgie playlist on their channel :)

  14. I'm sure you have already tried this but just in case - my budgies wouldn't eat pellets until I got them bigger sizes (recommended for slightly bigger birds). No idea why! Sometimes trying different sizes seems to help with birds. For example, mine initially would nibble on a whole spinach leaf but not go near chop.

  15. Make your own seed mix! It'll give him more fat but also more vitamins than your normal shop-bought seed mixes which are literally just sugar and zero nutrition. Omegas are especially great for plumage, so look for seeds that are high in them: hemp seeds, sesame seeds, linseeds. Introduce some grains like quinoa. I also add in to my seed mix: milk thistle, poppy, alfalfa seeds, broccoli seeds, chia, nigella, caraway, fennel etc. Leafy greens are a great place to start with introducing birds to fresh food. If they won't eat chop try offering them whole!

  16. tapping your finger nail: very affectionate and acceptable

  17. I really like this product! The colour is my favourite thing about it. It would be so boring if it was just yet another millennial pink gym product.

  18. “There are years that ask questions and years that answer.” - Zora Neale Hurston

  19. To be honest, I agree with you. With one exception. In Australia there is a serial rapist who was dubbed 'mr stinky'. Imagine committing some of the most heinous crimes imaginable and yet smelling so bad that your odour, not your crimes, become your defining feature. I think we should actually continue giving serial killers nicknames, but that they should be incredibly uncool and insulting like 'mr stinky'.

  20. I used to hate American cheese, always preferred real cheese. I have come to realize that American cheese makes the best cheeseburgers and egg bagel/sandwiches. Real cheese for everything else

  21. Also nacho cheese sauce. I've tried making it with 'real' cheese and it literally does not work. You just end up with some kind of cheesy bechamel. I think you probably need as little actual cheese as possible to make it. It's one of my favourite things and it's impossible to find here in the UK.

  22. I feel a lot of our more unique foods were beaten out of the culture by the post-WWII obsession with frozen processed food pushing out traditional “poor” food.

  23. Liver was very popular pre-60s in the UK too! My granddad talks about it all the time. You can quite often still find at least one ready meal with liver in most grocery shops, even the small one. Rabbit is another one my grandparents mention a lot.

  24. I am always interested in at the exact moment Jack the Ripper killed the women, were they sex workers or not? I love the new book/look showing how complicated it all is. And it extends to so many cases.

  25. I think I totally agree with the conclusion that they were most likely targeted because they were homeless and literally sleeping on the street rather than because they were sex workers. However that would suggest some culpability of the state and community, rather than being able to lay the blame on 'immoral women' and you know - Victorian society.

  26. I've heard that theory before, along with the idea the murders were all committed by one person, but the earlier ones were done to "cover up" the last (that would take a lot of planning and premeditation though.)

  27. Exactly. We know someone who is engaged and things look very serious but the guy is showing signs of not seeing himself as a dad figure to her son and she is refusing to understand that. They are not on the same page for numerous serious issues and unless something changes, it will end poorly but she only hears what she wants to hear so nobody in our house is going to poke that bear.

  28. Why would that man get engaged to someone with a kid if they didn't expect to be a father figure? That is absolutely bizarre to me, and honestly I do think some of the stories (including the original one) I've read on this thread I do see both people in the relationship at fault.

  29. As someone who has been suicidal and hurt themselves after being triggered by relationship stuff my advice is to leave. Leave. When they threaten suicide, call emergency services. They will either get the help they need, and hopefully begin to get better, or they will realise there are real life (and potentially embarrassing) consequences to lying about that kind of thing

  30. I’m sorry he’s my first bird I thought kisses were a normal thing. I can understand how he’s misunderstanding. Thank you

  31. Personally I kiss my GCC a lot! She loves it! Lots of good advice here but I will add that eventually, with time, you will both learn each other's boundaries better and this cute boy will chill out. They're super smart! He will eventually understand you're not a mate and in my experience will begin to accept more affection platonically. The first two weeks with my GCC were hell but now things are much more normal. Give it some time! Keep trying different things and learning about each other that way.

  32. I have heard that Apple cider vinegar and water were good for hair, but now I am scared ! I hope your hair will stay that way!

  33. I think apple cider vinegar is great as a rinse every now and again! It gets rid of my build up and makes my hair feel super clean and soft after a couple of weeks of using products and dry shampoo, sweating at the gym etc.

  34. Apple cider vinegar! Rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar once a week/fortnight

  35. Big mad true crime, They walk among us (UK and US versions), Invisible choir and obscura are all single host pods with no small talk

  36. Glad to know there's a US version of they walk among us. I'm British and for some reason I just cannot listen to British voices on podcasts lol

  37. Court junkie. Not to be confused with crime junkie. The hosts name is Jillian. She just tells you the case, just straight point. No banter literally at all and every episode is a different case.

  38. Also I know you mean confused but I love the mild threat that something terrible happens if you listen to court junkie AND crime junkie

  39. I'm sorry but I think it's very wrong to assume that outdoor rabbits are not treated well (as you're suggesting in your comment, or am I wrong?) Especially when rabbits at least have eachother.

  40. It is never ok to keep rabbits outside. No rabbit who is kept outside can be 'treated well'.

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