1. I’m tapering from 3mg a day for 3+ years with 2+ years at 2mg previously. I switched to Valium and entered full blown benzo withdrawal. Doctors are only supposed to be prescribing these kinds of meds for like 6-8 weeks. The withdrawals are horrific and if I could go back and stop myself I would in a heart beat. Please don’t take them for longer than 8 weeks then begin to taper. It’s so rough. They never tell iou what you’re truly signing up for with prescribed daily use. Don’t let them keep you on it for years. You just end up taking them to not have seizures and they stop working and it’s awful. No one told me this when I started them. Therapy can do wonders and the meds work but the dependence is horrible. And the withdrawal can actually kill you.

  2. Thank you very much for the wearing I'll take it mind, it sounds really awful and doctors rarely talk about side effects or things like that. I'm sorry it had to be that hard for you

  3. Hi! My doc prescribed it for me recently and it’s been helpful. I’m also on .5mg as needed but if things are really bad I’ll take 1mg and usually that’s sleepy time. I’d say as long as you aren’t noticing anything alarming, no weird side effects, then it’s hopefully helping!

  4. Yes, for now it feels like it was something I needed, for now I'll take it daily but later only when I feel like i need it. Anxiety was really kicking my butt

  5. Magnesium glycinate. It helps you relax and sleep better, is not "natural" but it helps and some people need more magnesium in their diets. Just dont take too much it can act as a laxative. It doesn't interfere with any medications

  6. Really? Because they’re making it seem like taking magnesium with zoloft can cause fatal effects.

  7. Who is they? I think it's a good idea to call your doctor or send an email if your curious about anxiety aids.

  8. I enjoy illustrations. Been doing it since I was old enough to pick up a pencil in the early 80’s! Was pushed to go to art school, but went into hairdressing instead. Cutting hair feels like a good creative outlet for me. At home I like to draw in my sketch book and to entertain my kids. I also enjoy pottery, lino prints, some painting, and crafts like crochet, knitting, macramé, and soap making.

  9. I’ve had panic attacks that have lasted an hour, and anxiety throughout the course of a day. With the PAs, I am usually done shaking and feeling lightheaded within 30mins-1hr, but my mind is still racing and I’m still fearful for a while.

  10. It does take a lot to completely go away, right? It leaves me exhausted

  11. Pendleton wool shirt bought in 1970.

  12. Drinking water, taking my meds, trying to stop being rude to myself, be patient on my mental health progress and trying to eat as healthy as I can

  13. That's a non-stimulant. I've never heard one person say they work. They certainly didn't work for me. You should ask about trying a different medication.

  14. I will definetly do, I really want to feel better. Thanks for the comment

  15. I wished it would work for me, my doc said 20mg was too low but when I started taking 30 then 40mg I had migraines that lasted all day and left me curled up on the floor.

  16. I really like to generate AI art, it's fun but also very random, it's really hard to get what you really want from it. I've seen a few tarot decks generated this way and they all feel meh. Like "hey, this image could be the sun, sure lets use it" and that's it, I remember trying to create some cards and it was a headache.

  17. sure, I'll send you the link in a bit :D

  18. Hi everyone, I've created a free mini printable major arcana deck that anyone can download and print along with lots of cute accessories to make it as much like a real deck as I could for a freebie. (See the pictures above for a sneak peak of what's included).

  19. I know the work something like this takes, thank you very much, it's so pretty

  20. I used to have a lot of them when younger. A therapist once asked me something like "what are you afraid that will happen if you have a panick attack?" and I had nothing to respond... nothing bad will happen, I will just be irrationaly scared for 20 minutes or so, and that´s it. It´s not important, so I just keep doing my things, just scared. Then, they gradually stopped.

  21. I wish that was me, I become all emotion and no logic, it sucks. I try my best to think rationally but it takes me about and hour or two to truly calm down

  22. sorry for the typos, I just saw them, I'm just really not feeling well right now

  23. I was so confused when the arrows did nothing ?? Because I saw then glowing and I couldn't kill them. Then when I was swimming and I saw could catch it that way I was like duh, it's way harder that way but it's cool because I love swimming everything looks so pretty

  24. Indeed, I love the original and reading that she "created" it just made me question why she would use that word because it's simply a lie.

  25. Do you have a Esty or a Instagram? These are amazing!

  26. It's still a WIP but yes I have an instagram "thepoetryoracledeck" Im glad you're liking it :D

  27. hi, not yet, it's still a work in progress

  28. This is now my new wallpaper on my phone. Looks great!

  29. flower fractal translucid transparent many petals glow bokeh ultra detailed realistic unreal engine cinematic lighting photography --testp --creative --ar 16:9

  30. During quarantine & remote schooling, I downloaded a Chrome Extension that blocked Twitter until 4:30 so I could focus during the school day then “reward” myself with mindless scrolling on the bird app afterwards lol.

  31. I tried to do that, go half day without my phone but somehow I always forget and then I try again and then I forget and so on.

  32. I’ve tried this prompt about 100 times without anything close to the same results. Baphomet and the roses just sort of blend together. Are you adding in a comma somewhere, or uploading an image as a base for the prompt?

  33. I copied the prompt directly from discord, I'm sorry it's not working for you, it may be because I was using almost the same prompt several times before but with different subjects, and the results were similar, so it just continued doing the same thing

  34. The model doesn't even look like a person anymore

  35. ballerina of thorns and roses ultra detailed realistic cinematic lighting Art by Daniel F Gerhartz and Margaret Morales and WLOP, epic scene, ruins, sunlight, highly detailed, sharp focus, illustration, 8K, beautiful oil painting --testp --ar 9:16

  36. Thanks! Yes a little Photoshop and it will look better :)

  37. I'm curious - do you know what kind of options are out there for printing indie oracle decks like this?

  38. I think it depends on where you live in and your budget, I did some research about a year ago but I need to start all over again because it's been a while.

  39. I love this!!! What does the front of the deck look like? I would love to buy these!

  40. Thank you very much! It's still a work in progress, I only have 5 cards so far and I don't have the front of the cards yet.

  41. You can easily get more realistic portraits. This one is all kind of weird, look at the nose, the eyes, the head shape...

  42. I said It was the most realistic portrait I ever gotten, not the most realistic portrait everyone will ever get. I don't know why some comments are so critical, geez

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