1. Many people are emotionally detached because of the pain that has been inflicted on them. That doesn't make them wrong for being detached, or you more right for being unattached. Or vice versa. We are all products of our experiences. You can read others' experiences without feeling as jaded as they feel, that's not a difficult adult thing to do. It's just hearing what other people have been through, taking the information in, and proceeding as you feel you need to. They may have VERY different feelings than you do, it doesn't make them lacking in empathy, nor does it make them (or you) right or wrong about how to handle a situation. It's just information, dude.

  2. When I say lacking in empathy I just mean people who dismiss the feelings of or ridicule those who are more emotionally attached. I definitely understand the flip side of being detached and jaded as well.

  3. Sorry, I think I misunderstood your point earlier. Being a tiny bit broken (like lots of us are) definitely is a challenge and either that or my own derp caused me to miss out that you're defending those going through some shit who others are hard on.

  4. It's all good I could have worded it a lot better honestly.

  5. I have never used it consistently so I can't say personally how much it works, but my derm prescribed tretinoin and said it can help with scarring.

  6. Or he doesnt need to be shoved tits and ass every other minute in very japanese style.

  7. Yeah it's this but gotta be careful what I say about that on Reddit 😳

  8. I mean you could unlock the Gray XOF and Sniper Wolf outfits in game

  9. Yeah, I more so wanted something to change what she wears from the beginning though. Do those outfits show up in cutscenes?

  10. Every time someone says "this (insert show/movie/etc) helped me with my breakup" it's always something that the person I'm trying to get over liked, and so all it does it remind me of them, and just confirms nothing is gonna help me get over them.

  11. As someone who has felt legitimately traumatized over a fuckboy (to the point where my therapist has validated that) but still has so much doubt and worries that I'm just overemotional, this whole situation has been...something else. It definitely has made me feel considerably worse and just even more confused about my own situation.

  12. You shouldn't paint medication as all good. You're fucking with dopaminergetic pathways. Eventually it will take a toll. If I had known that it could cause anxiety and depression I would have dealt with it sooner.

  13. You know what else can cause panic attacks and severe depression? ADHD that isn't being properly managed, and for many medication is the only way to do so.

  14. I am his patient🤷🏾‍♀️ you never interacted with him don't know me from a can of paint but you real judgy. She never uploaded her medical records, did you not comprehend what she said? But she expects a recommendation with no proof. It don't work like that.

  15. Well I've heard of many people being able to get a card without documentation so I thought I'd just try. If it was because of that, then he should have told me to try again with proper documentation instead of only saying "try again with a note saying you don't have a history of suicidal ideation."

  16. I have not heard of that being a problem before. There is no rule or law that says this.

  17. Moustafa Maita with NuggMD I think. To be fair I didn't provide documentation (My therapist and I discussed me having CPTSD but don't have a paper diagnosis, and I also have insomnia) so maybe that contributed to it but he specifically said the reason was he doesn't give a card to people with a history of suicidal ideation.

  18. The dynamic you describe has a lot of parallels between my wife and I. The age gap is narrower (8 years), and I'd like to believe that I'm less of an asshole than your description of him, and I've been in therapy for 3 years, CODA meetings, therapy support groups, etc...

  19. Sorry I know this is an old post but I was in a similar situation to OP and I wanted to ask some things reading this reply.

  20. Thank you for responding, and this does help me understand things a lot better.

  21. have you considered if you’re experiencing a trauma bond? i feel like this abt my ex that i left and cut contact with. cant get over it even though i was treated so badly.

  22. Yeah that's definitely part of it, there was a cycle of him being really cold and ignoring me, then I'd get really upset and he'd "apologize" (give an excuse) and I'd feel better and things would be better again for a bit and repeat.

  23. Any reoccurrence since this was posted?

  24. Sorta? The area seems to get inflamed every so often and becomes a hard reddish lump, but it's not painful and not even close to as intrusive and ugly as it was before the surgery.

  25. Yeah, you're right about that being the hate part. I just feel like no matter how much I try to understand things logically I cannot control the emotional part of me.

  26. The good parts of him weren’t real. Everything he did was for his ego. It was never about you. He was fully focused on his own feelings. You need to mourn what you thought he could have been but never was and never will be. He is not capable.

  27. I know, you're right and I try to tell myself this a lot but it feels like there are certain obstacles that I can't overcome. I think what makes it so hard is when I say good parts it's not just about the times he treated me good, it's more so the objective things about him. His interests, sense of humor, intelligence, looks, sexual compatibility, and in a fucked up way I think him also being a broken and depressed person made me like him more too. Every time I try to meet another guy I am just so extremely uninterested, and it makes me feel so upset and lonely, I so badly want to feel interested in another guy.

  28. Nope, accepting one of the political quests from your subconscious locks you out if doing the others. OP is too much of a disgusting centrist to build communism now. Cry about it, liberal.

  29. There definitely isn’t. Just anecdotally, I’m a bi woman who has dated quite extensively. I’ve had men dump me and move on quickly, I’ve had women who held on too long.

  30. Yeah, another anecdote to add is I'm dealing with a heartbreak situation where contrast to Harry I was the younger girl in the relationship, and yet emotionally I find Harry's perspective to be depressingly relatable.

  31. Sounds like something I would have written. Turns out he was the abusive one, and was incredibly manipulative and an extreme gaslighter. It took me talking to a previous girl he dated and was emotionally abusive towards to actually accept this, but I still have so much trouble with it. I still have moments where I worry I have it all wrong and I was the problem, I still have so much self hatred and shame towards myself. I'm not saying this is necessarily the situation, but I want to offer my perspective.

  32. Looks like a nice start to the drawing. I am not sure if your page includes the entire drawing and not a cropped version like shown here. But if you have a cropped version make sure you know and draw the entire bow, legs and hands.

  33. Thanks! And yeah it's part of a drawing for an arcade stick lol, after making some changes I will probably post the whole picture for a better context of what I'm going for.

  34. When you're shooting a bow, the arm holding the bow would be fully stretched out, not bent, because thats much harder to hold still, but in your referneces that is also depicted wrong, so you'll get a pass on that one. The bow and the arrow should be 90 degrees to each other and the arm holding the arrow should be following the line of the arrow, going straight back, with the hand somewhere by the corner of the mouth. I think his head could be turned more in the direction he's shooting aswell.

  35. Oh okay thank you, yeah that's a good idea I'll find some more references for that.

  36. I like "Do It On a Dime" on Youtube. She definitely has ENERGY but seems pretty secular. Her main thing is ridiculous crafts but she has some cleaning videos

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