1. I love the little nod to madara when Yamamoto says shall we dance.

  2. One thing you always gotta give the dub is that they give it their all when trying to pronounce the Japanese names and words

  3. It's a weirdly not talked about* enough. Just what is Segunda Etapa? Why is Ulquiorra the only one who has it? Why did Kubo decide to give it only to him and not to all of the Top 5 Espada?

  4. My theory has always been that he got it because he was enhanced by the hogyuku while already being a natural born arrancar.

  5. I had that theory as well but Kubo said that Grimmjow could potentially attain it. So now I'm guessing that SE is a bankai-like thing for arrancars. They possess ressureccion innately so it's not like they train further with it. Ulquiorra has a very curious nature and this curiosity and self-searching mentality might've accidentally had him achieve it. If other arrancars tried, they likely could have as well but the key to doing it is to not reject the essence of a shinigami. Kubo said that Shinji and the others could complete their hollow forms and gain ressureccions but I believe it was their method that was limiting them. They taught Ichigo to beat his hollow into submission and take control as the king or the driver, and as a result, he became an incomplete vizard just like them. Their asauchi-like hollows should be treated in the same way they treat their zanpakuto. It wasn't until Ichigo accepted his hollow as his zanpakuto that he was able to use a proper hollow form. If Shinji and the others do the same, they too would gain complete forms like Tousen and I'm guessing Ulquiorra did something of that sort to attain SE.

  6. Extremely well said I didn’t know Kubo even said that other could attain SE. It also never even crossed my mind but of course the vizards would teach ichigo an improper way to control his hollow.

  7. There are different branches if the soul society around the world that handle different things. Burn the witch takes place in the western branch.

  8. Why the death dealing? I wouldn’t call any of the schrifts jumping the shark but if I had to pick it would be the miracle.

  9. I can’t read an article if it’s not loading. Also isn’t that just what mayuri seems like a nitpick seems like he just wasn’t enjoying the manga anymore.

  10. For CFYOW it is tokinada tsunayashiro a former shinigami from a royal family and Hisagi as the protagonist. In SAFWY it it is Cein a clone of szayelaporro and kenpachi azashiro in separate places and the protagonist are mainly Don Kinonji and Kenpachi Zaraki.

  11. The former Kenpachi is Azashiro right? Damn, I always thought he was the ONLY anatagonist in SAFWY. Didn't know Cien was too. Thank you!

  12. Yeah if you a chance you should read them there’s a lot more characters sprinkled in and out. Especially CFYOW you get a lot of info that wasn’t in the manga and get to see some new bankai.

  13. I don’t usually watch the Friday wrestling shows but was this rampage at a different time or on a different channel?

  14. Just the basic stuff about how bleach fell of and it’s the worse of the big three and basically every bad faith argument you’ve heard the last decade about bleach.

  15. Ichigo finally got a Shonen style shoving food in his face moment.

  16. my guess Patrick Seitz still has a running contract which they can't just terminate, and he's also "very popular" and "has millions of fans".

  17. I’d rather have fans be mad than deal with a breach of contract if I’m viz.

  18. That sounds evil lmao like helping them only when they are on the peak of suffering. I mean I am sure they can figure out how to detect souls too or just look for them it wasn't shown that much in anime as part of their duty. They could have shown something like a group of soul reapers who just collect souls and others who fight. It's fine tho since it's more action with a plausible explanation lol.

  19. One thing that will become clearer as time goes on is that the shinigami are not the clean cut good guys.

  20. Why don’t they go to smaller places? Wouldn’t the rent be cheap and it wouldn’t look so embarrassing.

  21. Not gonna lie they’re killing it with the Quincy dub voices.

  22. No because unohana is the reason kenpachi subconsciously weakens himself fight another captain wouldn’t have gotten rid of that mental block.

  23. I’m going to miss the voice of quilge he was so good. Also why does everyone not like Patrick I agree David was better but it seems like everyone hates him?

  24. Really good the only misses so far have been damage control and Ronda

  25. Don’t know about the mariachi but salt is a joke because salt is used to ward off bad spirits.

  26. It’s a trick question cause power scaling is dumb

  27. Every time I hear someone say things light speed or planetary level I feel like I’m gonna get a migraine.

  28. I would sell a kidney for a new mila rose with her abs from tybw.

  29. I mean she lost to BG9 they lost to basically divine beings.

  30. Haven’t gotten past anime yet in bleach cuz not a manga reader but madara is a beast bro you’re prob right tho idk why whitebeard is so high tho I kinda agree one piece characters do not scale

  31. Trust and believe some of the powers at the end of bleach are so outrageous it’s crazy.

  32. Maybe the sage of six paths or kaguya could put up a fight but the bleach characters become so crazy powerful at the end.

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