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  1. Another user suggested dam walls, which is a great idea. Think of how this may have sat in the weather for years, and how water may have run down the sides, staining it over time.

  2. I got my start in editorial. If you use inDesign at all for work, I would say try to learn as much as you can about the software to make your work as efficient as possible, so you have as much time to focus on the creative side of things. It'll be more enjoyable that way.

  3. One thing I like to do with logo design, is consider if the viewer didn't know any English. What does this communicate?

  4. That is true, I need to make it simpler,less detailed bees and just a simple flowers so people recognize what the business is,, I will try to do that after. Thank you🙂. Do you think it would be a good idea if I do it in a TECH style aswell? I am trying to find and stick with only an original style but i don't know at all.

  5. I don't think tech would read well. It's a plant shop, not a computer store.

  6. Yup I completely agree - the difficulty is I'm using real world values for as much as possible, so exposure works very similar to a camera. To have the nature scene adequately exposed the sky ends up blown out, whereas if I drop the exposure enough for you to see the clouds then the scene is super dark.

  7. I think real world values are a great way to get something close to what you want, and then to adjust from.

  8. Your z-fights are doughnutty and you need to turn subsurf on to x-ray modifier mode for a watermark before deciding a framerate when you Cycle an Eevee render.

  9. You are playing this it really smart- just allowing the loop to me reused and memed, but also showing up in the comment section and taking in the credit and explaining everything. Props to you.

  10. Haha not gonna lie, my artwork has been stolen A LOT and I am so sick of it. But this is different because it's kind of used as a meme, and OP isn't claiming that it's theirs.

  11. Fuck you to whoever created this perfect loop

  12. It was me. I take full responsibility for this. Sorry for your eyes..

  13. He was my favorite artist since 8th grade, I remember in 10th grade my teacher said he made Impossible artworks, and I raised my hand and said she's wrong that it wasn't impossible but it was just the way you're looking at it. I showed her a video of MC Escher going into his artwork/impossible structures. I ended up finding out she showed EVERY OTHER CLASS except ours the video. Because she didn't want to prove that a student was correct and she was wrong. She never liked me after that LoL. Oh gosh like ~17 years ago now, how old are you?

  14. I don't know if it has a name specifically. I like to lump animations like those into the category of "satisfying loops".

  15. One thing that hasn't been mentioned yet, is that Cycles doesn't handle color dispersion in glass. There are ways to kind of fake it with Cycles, but it's more of a hack than anything.

  16. I like the first one here. It's more realistic than the second. The tiles look HUGE though (they don't usually come that big) so maybe scale can be adjusted a bit.

  17. Thanks man. Everytime i think I'm making good progress, I run into a head splitting problem(or 2 or 3) and usually have to redo what i just spent 3 hours on. I probably should have "learned" before trying to replicate a real location,but hey, guess that's what im doing now lol

  18. That's how I got into it. What's important is having some kind of goal you want to achieve so you can break it down into smaller pieces and take it one step at a time.

  19. Ok, maybe you could just increase the bump a bit more to account for the motion blur. Another thing you could do to add to the realism is to scatter some objects on the floor in the background, small stones, some leaves etc. At the moment it looks like it's been swept clean or like a level from a video game.

  20. Yeah that kind of detail work is something I always overlook, and am not really good at. But I think for my first crack at realism I am pretty happy haha. Thanks for the insight pal.

  21. Hmmm might look better with 12.5 instead

  22. I know how you switched it to render in wireframe mode, but could I have the magic knowledge on how you made them switch materials in the rendering?

  23. Wow great job op you removed the satisfying sound, the perfect loop, and cropped out the watermark, it's

  24. There's a chance it could be z-fighting. Maybe check to see if there's a second mesh interfering with it.

  25. Yes! I have another mesh inside the bottle that is acting like the fluid. Thank you.

  26. Keep at it. Yeah Blender has a steep learning curve, but you'll reach a point of comfort where you'll be able to do stuff a lot quicker. Plus Blender is continually developing to make things easier too.

  27. You’re not very helpful for beginners…

  28. Indeed! I feel people just give feedback for the sake of giving feedback… Maybe it’s my own fault and I should be more assertive…

  29. It takes time to get there I've been in a similar boat to you for around fifteen years and learning how to manage people has helped a ton. It probably saved my career.

  30. In my experience, being a creative type and providing a service is more about managing people and expectations, than being creative.

  31. Here's an artstation page of a 3d artist who I'm inspired by, I want to make 3d renders like this

  32. Check out Josh Gambrel on YouTube. He does some of the best hard surface.modeling, which fits this category. He's got everything from beginner to advanced modelling stuff.

  33. Thanks for your response, 'just googled him up, is it this channel?

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