1. mfers really see this tattoo in this same spot get roasted every day on this sub n go get the same shit in the same place and post here

  2. it's the natural order of retardation in the sub

  3. bro i agree i think that’s his best i just think i’d be cool like lone used 2 guitar beats on ns and the songs were fire, i only think it’s corny when they make guitar remixes of songs

  4. lucki, ssg splurge, bfg straap, baby smoove, duwap, uno, ye, kendrick, men i trust, sweet trip, dayglow, isaiah rashad, tyler, DOOM

  5. i know we all hear songs when we look at em but when i see 444+222 i hear that intro it's just so iconic man


  7. Nah this sub deserves better, I hope Zilla sees this tho I know he frequents here

  8. weed fye but molly mondays are a good start to the week

  9. knew somebody gon drop this link when i seen this post godammit

  10. i was bumping that video in years ago shut the fuck up you don't even know me lmao

  11. he even got a bunch of ppl to follow him for it and didn't drop it

  12. this girl not copying she just following brainless internet trends

  13. True its good i just dont get why ppl love it so much like maybe someone could explain what makes it so great to them

  14. did you just say "it's good" and "i don't get why ppl love it" in the same sentence? ppl have differing opinions in a community, that's kind of the point

  15. I think it’s a fact that it’s GOOD but almighty so, BFTD1 and bang 2 are better . But whatever yea

  16. you just stated your own opinion. what ppl are trying to tell u in these comments is that other ppl might differ from what you just said n that's ok

  17. we don't allow yer kind roun' these parts, partner

  18. everybody scans is the single from the sources i have gathered

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