Alex Jones arrested for DWI in Travis County

Call an ambulance, I'm laughing too hard.

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  1. Pf is so rough as dps now. I have a 1490 main arti who missed the clown train so now Im literally stuck with him and cannot progress any further without a guild/raid. My approach is now to get my support up, learn the fights and join recleara on my dps. I think that's the only reasonable way forward.

  2. What region are you on? If your on NAE I wouldn’t mind helping ya out with clown.

  3. 🤔 I have a question. Can I join learning parties like valtan or vykas with 3 engravings, if they're the correct ones? I'm talking about alts. I try not to die, I use pots, I also watch guides to try and learn new stuff.

  4. I would 100% take a 3x3 for a learning party. Most of the ones I’ve hosted I typically will bring a character that is fairly strong on my roster (not over geared but one I invested enough into) to help carry DPS so we can see mechanics. Most people in my learning raids typically are afraid to do damage because of focusing so much on mechs.

  5. Personally after playing wow off and on, along with some random KR MMO’s this has been by far my favorite one. Pros for coming into the game now, it’s very streamlined to get you to the first legion raid quickly from there it does slow down. However the progress still feels meaningful.

  6. That doesn’t really tell me much. I’m looking for some dps numbers from trixion or meters

  7. Trixion is an actual troll if this is what you rely on for dmg in a raid setting. There are classes that perform very poorly in consideration to others. If you put a mayhem zerker in there their parse is terrible but in raid settings they slap. Same with igniter. And oppositely said about surge blade. Burst windows in a raid vs a boss that doesn’t move. It’s not a reasonable measure of strength against other classes.

  8. NAE in total about 600k before clown release. I bought my books at 7-8k and bought ambush. In books I have 250k. Accessories at the time were cheaper.

  9. So I have spent roughly 500since launch. About 350 is gold/progression and the other has been arkpass-skins. Outside of one swipe, its been from fomo. And I wish I never cared about it because honestly my account would be in a far better place. My main is 1487, but haven’t honed much since post vykas. I truly do not believe you need to swipe to play this game. However it will be harder. If I were to swipe now, it would be mainly for packages and power passes on new classes. Maybe pheon as well just because I’m stingy on gold.

  10. Since I’m 50/50 I already have a good amount of crit 1050 I think? Between LWC and entropy I’m over 60% so more adding adren would start to have negative returns. I’d rather take CD to increase the dmg ceiling then adding 15% crit.

  11. For future reference, with full Entropy relic set the break point on KBW being a 16% engraving jumps to 85% crit.

  12. I’d argue having that much yourself Is less then ideal. If you have 1 crit synergy your going to be close to 100% or over. Which in that case you have the potential to over crit. I’ll take CD personally.

  13. Ultimately for me it depends on the overall party comp and the content I’m clearing. ValtanHM/Vykas NM I’m honestly not picky. 4x3 is totally fine and as long as it isn’t some scuffed engravings I don’t care. Same with classes. I personally don’t gatekeep any specific class. Vykas hard, I at least check gems and engraving considerably tighter along with ilvl and roster. Basically look at the whole package. I just think of it as a resume and take what’s the cleanest resume. Class relevance is whatever.

  14. Depends on your interpretation of it. But in the majority of stories of Thor he is well..kinda pictured as a glutton. Alot of feasting and especially drinking. So him to be on the thicker side seems pretty reasonable, at least in my opinion.

  15. There are definitely some learning parties floating around! I’ve seen quite a few posts regarding people hosting on this subreddit. I’d keep an eye out. The only region I haven’t seen many posts for is EUC but NAW and NAE seems to host fairly often! If your on NAE I’d be more then willing to bring you in on the next vykas learning party we host!

  16. I love to do teaching parties. It actually brings me such joy seeing people experience what I learned a few months ago. It's almost nostalgic. I love seeing when someone has been struggling with a mechanic until finally it just clicks. Welcome to legion raids my friend, hope to see you at vykas soon.

  17. Honestly same. It’s the best feeling I’ve had in lost ark in a long time. Vykas learners have been my fav to do

  18. You 5 alts take you 2-3hours a day or a week ? If it is a week and from what I have been answered already (i.e: ressources are capped weekly) I can clearly deal with that.

  19. So I have 5 characters I actually play and raid on. I have more but typically don’t enjoy so I don’t play them. My daily content (chaos dungeon, guardian raids and leapstones una dailys) on my 4 alts will take like 2-3 hours depending on how long the guardians take. My main usually is longer for some reason? I’ll spend a straight hour on it. Materials you earn to hone are capped daily. Not weekly.

  20. It sounds like the more time you have the more alts you can/should play, did I get that correctly ?

  21. I have it set on my striker. Basically preset set 1 is my raid build ( deathblow) using entropy set and my preset 2 is my chaos build using betrayal set with eso flurry.

  22. knz0 says:

    What does your Flurry chaos loadout look like? Do you just switch equipped book from Deathblow to flurry, or do you have different accessories as well?

  23. its just my original setup i was using for raid content prior to switching to deathblow around valtan. For chaos its just 4 spender with swift kick and sleep ascent. nothing crazy. but you could just switch out one of your engraving books to make it easier.

  24. There aren't enough new players to fill those groups. It's pretty evident that this game isn't drawing them in.

  25. I honestly strongly disagree with this. From my experience hosting these parties. A lot of the players have been players that have been gatekept for whatever reason, or genuinely are just scared to try it.

  26. I also hosted another learning party for nm vykas this weekend, went pretty smooth and filled up in maybe 5-10 minutes. Even some experienced players 1460+ just wanted to join to help. I do set some ground rules beforehand and have discord as a requirement. They don’t need to talk just easier to listen. Also ask about what their experience with the raid to see what I need to try to focus on. This is at ilvl 1430 character as well. If anyone does want to jump in feel free to DM me if your on NAE.

  27. I KT’d my last one over the weekend. Just gonna push it to save me money.

  28. I ran mine last week. Man. Every bonk hitting for 2mil on stagger felt so good

  29. Can you send me your stats of how you polled that? Genuinely curious. If that is the correct numbers my apologies.

  30. Ahh thank you, very good info! I didn’t see that page before while browsing their site.

  31. As someone who missed the boat on vykas it feels like I am never going to get in there. I have found one learning party that broke up after the fist wipe. I have 3 characters that can do it but none of them have completed. My 1475 has even gotten denied from normal mode learning parties. The whole thing is kind of fucked and I’m not really sure how new players are ever supposed to learn group content like argos or the legion raids at this point.

  32. I actually started to host learning parties for NM on vykas specifically because of this reason. I’ve been clearing HM since release and seeing all the toxic players come out of this since has really bothered me. If your on NA East I’d love to help.

  33. I’m planning on putting together one this weekend. Your more then welcome to join! DM me if you’d like to join! I can shoot you a discord I’m putting together to try and get learning parties more organized.

  34. Correct me if I’m wrong. But isn’t a DWI less then a typical DUI in severity? I remember in Michigan I had a friend get a dwi after 1 beer. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  35. 26 machinist here too, .0004 with an endmill? I’d rather work in that all day versus trying to hold dimensions over feet. Depending on your endmill you should be able to hold around a .0001 with a decent machine. Learn to appreciate your elders homie. Might learn a thing or two.

  36. As a machinist, no I’m not a huge fan of switching. Typically, I find using imperial as a unit to be more accurate. However, it could be just from primarily using imperial. I was at a shop that did mostly metric and it didn’t seem to be as close for some reason to me.

  37. Assuming they don't know your salary, you should be petty safe. If they ask, however, you can say you want to be paid appropriately. Even if they offer a salary you would accept outright, show hesitance for at least 5 seconds.

  38. I wasn’t planning on discussing my currently salary due to it being considerable less then what the lowest they were offering and I didn’t want to be lowballed because of it. I’ll keep that in mind!

  39. My mom is moving to where I currently live. Just told me the other day that she sold everyone of my old games. Was kinda sad to hear it, seeing most of them in this stack makes me happy.

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