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  1. Where are you? Montana? Eastern Colorado? Somewhere that the horizon isn't blocked and it looks great. You got a great tractor!

  2. Okay I'll place a wager then. I'll pay you $100 if you can make me the same quality for $15 or less.

  3. You speak of a wager then say you’ll pay me to make your clothes. Which is it?

  4. If you're not competent enough to read it as it was written that's not my problem.

  5. I learned to weld on a Forney just like that. I thought I had repressed those memories, guess not. Thanks.

  6. My bad. Care to take us all on a trip down memory lane?

  7. I've never used one like this. Used mostly newer millers and a Lincoln Tombstone.

  8. Had I had some that was an option. I was thinking of fabricating something up to cover them if I wasn't able to find them anywhere around my place

  9. I think you’re missing an adjustment. There should be a way to seed a range of different crops. Like I said, my drills had a shaft that you moved to seed heavier or lighter. I could google it but so could you.

  10. It has the adjustment, just two sets of holes per boot in the box. One side needs covered.

  11. I do this just to trigger people. After 1300 hours few things bring as much joy to my cold, gray beard.

  12. And every time molly sits down and you go towards her I will press C.

  13. Molly only goes forward in my lobby. Moving her backwards, or away from the objectives gets you sent straight to jail. Hard to go fast when people keep trying to pull the mule back a full tunnel and cave because they can’t stand to leave behind the 6 gold they knocked off the wall that didn’t fit in their bags.

  14. Oh I didn't mean pull her back like a whole tunnel. I mean if you were gonna not let say anybody rich I'd basically spam C so everytime she sits she stands right back up.

  15. In MN. See if you can plan your work for 1-3pm on a warmer day. Wear layers, stay dry (unlayer before you sweat), keep your head warm, take warming breaks.

  16. My work schedule is 5pm to 5am. So I get to start after the highest heat of the day haha

  17. Ugh. I hope the sun is staying up until after you start. Wow. Respect.

  18. During the winter I start when it's dark and usually leave just before light. Headlamps and spotlights all night. Summer is a little nicer as I get a few hours of sunlight when I get here.

  19. oh man that downdraft cooler does not look good

  20. Yes it was the only cooler I had at the time with Intel mount. The case has 2 140mm at the top. I'm looking at changing it around a bit. The 7600k, board, 3060ti got put into another case for the time being. I'm working on getting a z390i board as I have a bnib 9700kf I won at a LAN that I'd like to use. I'm not sure what route I'm going to go yet, but maybe thinking of trying to squeeze an aio in there somehow. Might have to mod the case up and pull the HD caddy out.

  21. yeah you can just like pull out the hdd cae and i think it'll fit a 120 rad

  22. Just have to manage to snap/cut the pop rivets out to do it. Waiting to see if I get a z390 board for the 9700kf I have. If I get on I'll put the 7600k back in that case with a dif cooler.

  23. Is that LGA 1151? If so I have a gigabyte board on my page.

  24. I replied to Charlie. Sorry I'm not interested in an H110 motherboard.

  25. ooru says:

    I think they meant more that cool air pulled from the outside will cool your CPU better than trying to pull warmer air from inside your case and exhausting it through the cooler. You'd probably get better temps by orienting your cooler fans to blow towards the motherboard.

  26. Just ran 1 hour of occt and avg temp is 61-64c on all 8 cores.

  27. ooru says:

    I mean, ultimately it's your PC. It obviously works, and if the temps are acceptable, no reason to change anything. Just might be better the other way.

  28. I thought originally it was going to be smaller than it actually is, but that doesn't bother me. Just shocked me with the size.

  29. If I am right the cooler is mounter 180 degrees wrong and the fan is supposed to be on the other fan so you should remount it

  30. Why would you rotate the cooler when the fan could be easily moved? Also it's correct. Most mounts are designed to be oriented two ways. The fans exhausting up, or exhausting to the rear. They have the fan in a push setup instead of a pull. They could add a second fan and get a push pull on the cooler, but it's personal preference and what you want to achieve for cooling.

  31. Aside from the small inconsistencies I would say to watch your overlap on the cover. Always overlap by 1/2 to 1/3 of the previous weld bead. I let the puddle just barely nip the crest of the previous bead.

  32. Welling 3" wide 1/2 thick AR500 strap to plate steel. 3 passes with 7018 stacked on top.

  33. Deep rock water sounds suspiciously like a leaf-lover beverage. In which case Keurig must be the pointy-ears equivalent of Doretta!

  34. I feel as though some more pictures, and more information is required my friend.

  35. Here are some more samples. I know their ugly haha.

  36. It seems like you’re welding on flat, and round surfaces. I recommend sticking to flat welds now. Like welding on a table top. Keep the heat at 125+ for 7018.

  37. With where I work I rarely get to weld on a table. It's mostly in location welding. I also don't get a lot of chances to weld clean new metal. I do prep to help, but I can only do so much. We do a lot of patch work or replacement inside chutes that material travels down. A lot of wear plate replacement as well.

  38. If this is an aftermarket warranty it's up to you. It's a yes and no really. But if you got it from a dealer they probably overcharged you for that warranty, and if the car is in a loan you are paying interest on it. The best way to get an aftermarket warranty is to deny the one from the dealer, walk into a credit union and them for one. Dealers will often charge $2000-5000 for a $1000 warranty.

  39. Looking at picking up this 1987 GMC Sierra Classic. It's a 6.2 with the TH400. Probably 138k or 238k as it rolls not to sure. 4x4 manual hubs. Ran when parked, maybe weak tranny. Buying from my uncle so trust him as to what he says just can't find any remote value for it anywhere.

  40. So turn off the phone, turn on holding down volume, clear system cache from there?

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