1. No, I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Habs aka Vj 2CI yet. But I'll definitely be researching more about him now! At my workplace, we do get to meet a lot of DJs, and we usually get to exchange a few words or impressions. However, that's not the case with VJs, the club hire us, as its VJs crew. Occasionally, a DJ does come with their own VJ, but that's only happened twice in the past 6 years. That's why I turn to Reddit and social media to try and meet more people in this exciting yet small world.

  2. It is a small world my fren ! Habs mostly does shows on Ibiza. Damn fine vj too. Mostly runs modul8. What do you run ?

  3. I would love to see one of those amazing performances, I'm actually quite close to the island. I can imagine it would be incredibly inspiring. Speaking of inspiration, it would be a dream come true if I could perform at one of the clubs on the island, that's the truth. But, the club I currently work at also puts on some incredible shows, with amazing installations that I love being a part of. Many dj go to both sites when they arrive here, my club and Ibiza after that. Or in the other order.

  4. Cool do you know about vj Union on Facebook/ discord ? It used to be a website / forum now it is a Facebook group / discord server! On Facebook there is almost 20k vjs. I as the former janitor of the vj Union I invite you to join us on that platform if your interested!

  5. Yup was made by their NFT team. I reckon it won’t be the only game they develop in house, either.

  6. Man, doesn’t need to be AAA.. I can’t tell you how much $ I left on Kongregate for shifty flashgames when I was young and dumb

  7. Wait till people find out that Xbox One and PS5 is updating their firmware to allow for creation of NFT wallets and GME x IMX got first dibs. 🥵

  8. Yes, but I feel like they would have come out with more of a heavy hitter. They know the average person is going to see this and be severely underwhelmed by the game itself.

  9. I think the opposite RC seems like the type to dip his toes in and see how it works. GameStop was a retail business first and now it is transforming into a tech company. Maybe they come out with a new web based game every year or two. I doubt this game has hit its final form just yet. Personally I don’t think a triple a game would be in the card for several years. But more web based / mobile like games that can be churned out is definitely in the cards. Especially if they can use their pro members as a core audience.

  10. Good points. If no developer wants to take a chance on a true Web3 game, GME might just say "Fine, we'll do it ourselves."

  11. Imagine HF trying to talk a gamer out of his new buck the bunny limited edition skin. The beautiful part of the NFT divided is if the HF don’t fold on the first one …

  12. Anything RC n Larry touches after MOASS will be quickly bought until they put me in the dirt.

  13. Isto é o que me faz tar aqui !! Lessss goooooo

  14. I’m sorry…can someone please explain? I’m really lost with this one

  15. They ( banks ) are planning a cyber event that they will act like they never seen coming

  16. This is definitely not fraud ( it’s really fraud )

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