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  1. get it how u live bro. ain’t no wrong or right way to get ya shit sounding how u want it to sound. Just make sure if ur downloading cracks ur safe and not messing ur computer up with no viruses and shit. If u got the means to buy it then just buy it why not? but if u ain’t got the bread, then get it how u live… Peace

  2. i think you can update the tracks on soundcloud if you have premium but don’t quote me lol

  3. Yea u can. I got premium. u can update them whenever u feel like it.

  4. India. it’s borders are literally protected by the Himalayas and the Indian ocean

  5. Reborn - Kids See Ghosts. It’s a mantra about continuing to move forward. Listen to it

  6. This is tight asf bro I like the song. Def need to get the guitars and drums to knock harder tho. Good luck.. use compression

  7. im using the pre amp in the Apollo twin. I think its a quality pre amp. what do you think?

  8. Why do you even want your bass even across frequencies? That instrument lives in a certain area. It's your job as a mixer to find where it needs to be within the context of the song. Sure, you can add some high mids and high end for some definition, but look at that as flair, not the fundamental. Compression does help with perceived loudness of each note, but in this instance, it doesn't sound like compression is the solution. It can actually make things worse.

  9. Generally where do u allow your kick and bass to sit in a mix? . Where does the bass sit in the mix in relation to the kick drum? if I have bassy kick drum with a lot of punch in the low end of it l, would it then be wiser to cut the frequncys out of my bass and let the kick occupy that low end and have the sub/bass occupy the mid lows by EQing the sub out of the bass So it makes room for the kick to occupy that. OR vice versa should a fat kick reside in the mid lows and eq the sub bass frequency out of the kick to make room for the sub/bass to cut thru.

  10. y’all hella old in these comments or y’all love old ass music bruh listen to Man on the moon by kid cudi. Rodeo by Travis Scott good too. i swear everyone just listed 20 plus year old albums they great but god damn y’all missing the new shit

  11. Atrocity Exhibition - Danny brown

  12. Serious question. how do you sleep at night? like what position? Is it painful to lay on ur back or lay on ur side? or stomach ? how do u get a decent nights sleep

  13. Fuckin freestyled off the top too

  14. There's no way. That song is so dense it cannot possibly be freestyled

  15. It’s true bruh look it up he didn’t write any of it on paper. i don’t think it was done in one take. i think he said he just kept punching in and then the next day he would punch in again. But yea he didn’t write a single word it was all off his head done over multiple takes.

  16. What exactly would be a fetal phone? Or adolescent phone? Lol

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