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  1. Where can i get a beard transplant? The women in my neighborhood are ovulating

  2. did all of their cycles align? like some kind of bloody monsoon. a mense-oon if u will

  3. Bruh. This ain't even academic, standart. Just, proper, English.

  4. claps shut authentic first edition 'Ulysses', quixotically twirls pencil mustache while wriggling eyebrows up and down with a half jigger of brandy poured over a single olive in a highball glass in one hand and a hand-rolled afghan stogie in the other wearing a dark navy blue robe made of pure silk and hemmed with gold thread, and standing on a bear rug

  5. Had a quick peruse of your profile and just want to say bravo to your commitment to the bit.

  6. the balls on this guy... "first souls game" and they declare an entire branch of incantations "not worth it" only to backtrack AFTER they leveled up the related stats. its like being 8 years old and saying ALL ROLLERCOASTERS SUCK CUS I CANT RIDE THEM then growing 4 inches over the summer and saying OMG DID U GUYS KNOW ABOUT THESE RIDES THEY ARE AWESOME

  7. It was actually a pretty freak accident. I literally just poked the side of my finger and somehow managed to cut a tendon.

  8. If I could prove both that she caused it and that it was malpractice I might but I would probably pay a bunch in lawyer fees and lose. I did get a different hand therapist though.

  9. holy shit an actual 'underrated comment comment' on a literally underrated comment

  10. woulda been funny if the guy kicked his ass only to steal the package himself

  11. Go back and watch that trailer any time, and I promise you, you'll be impressed by the fire in Nito's hand. It looks amazing.

  12. upscaled dks1 cinematic is on par w/ elden ring (aka modern graphics)...

  13. this is probably the only time ur gonna hear the phrase "terrified of FOH" lol

  14. I've always loved that name and location, but that bridge is hokey as hell.

  15. idk this is a boring thing but this is the ONLY toll bridge that ive ever crossed in the USA. i think maybe once in VBC

  16. I mean, I don't know if children taste like bacon so I have to withhold my opinion until I've completed my research

  17. nice effort. id be pissed if that was my door tho. more mad that i would need to replace it not because it broke. probably wouldn't even bother fixing it after hearing how it happened

  18. how do we know sickles aren't shaped like claws? biggest lore deep if true


  20. Though being nearsighted as a species, the last mole may only be able to see the mole on the molass in front of it. Unless it's a mole with glasses.

  21. at least they have a real bell. my school just had speakers that chimed bell noises every 15 min and a little ditty on the hour. there WAS a bell but it didn't move or do anything

  22. a campaign with quests AND story? never heard of that before

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