1. I’m really trying to get good at typing, can someone help me understand how Jane Fonda fits into SN? I know she’s verified, I’m not questioning it, I’m trying to understand. I see so much yang in her, I would have guessed just N. Is it because she has a more hourglass figure? Would a pure N have a more “athletic torso”? Help please.

  2. Pure N is no longer part of the system

  3. I think pure natural, classic and gamine were removed. Pure dramatic and romantic are still a part of the system

  4. I put together a more alternative/rock mood board. Featuring plenty of leather, animal prints and sheer fabrics. I think achieving an edgy look is rather difficult as an SN since they have a naturally appealing essence. In my opinion these ladies manage to pull of a more edgy look when they look slightly disheveled, either through messy hair or oversized jackets and jewellery

  5. I think you look best in the open shoulders no belt very SN vibes. Btw I LOVE the top where is it from?

  6. I would get a seamstress to replicate Diana's

  7. I definitely see an openness in her shoulders and I think she looks amazing with open necklines such as

  8. The wide and thick straps in dress 1, and the wide scoop neck of the second one flatters your body well! They seem to accommodate your blunt upper torso well! I would guess SN!

  9. Yes it is from allsants! I love that shop but it's so expensive 🙈

  10. Is there a reason you think that? I was considering SG or maybe TR due to being quite petite but then I found out kibbe petite is different to needing to buy petite clothes 😅

  11. I'm still on the TR or SN journey. And you're right so many of the recommendations do overlap. I initially thought I have to be TR it matches up perfectly as I'm also short and need petite clothing sizes. But then I found out kibbe doesn't actually mean petite in the traditional sense. I've also never thought of myself as having broad shoulders but since gaining weight I sort of do? My arms go out from where my shoulder ends like this ( because of the extra fat so I'm not even sure if what I'm seeing now is width or just extra weight lol

  12. I completely relate to this. I'm a very small person 5'2 and I've always been told wow you're so small. I need to buy clothes from the petite section. So I was pretty convinced I have to be one of the types that accommodates petite but then I tried taking some pictures of myself and I kinda sort of see width maybe? Or maybe it's just because I've gained weight but yeah now I'm super confused because I know width and petite can't coexist in kibbe verse so yeah 😅

  13. I love that you can still see the B 😛

  14. NAH he didn't communicate clearly and assumed you'd know you were going there for the duck specifically

  15. NTA allergies should be clearly communicated!!

  16. These are so good! Would you do one for TRs??

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