1. Watch them give us the new body type with a blackened effect face we have atm LOL

  2. does it uninstall when you uncheck it? or is there a way to uninstall uninstall it?

  3. I'm not sure if it uninstalls but just unchecking the box stops the issue. You don't even have to change language back to english in game. Hoping they fix it later on though.

  4. I see I see, thank you very much! fixed the issue for me <3

  5. I also got banned for charydis karma farming thingy almost 2 weeks ago, I got my mail about it 3 or 4 days ago, hopefully I do get unbanned if that is the case

  6. Still no answer from amazon appeal

  7. I got an answer back about 2 days ago, I got banned due to Charybdis or Karma farming, which was a thing for new world which is a game I ddnt play and am not planning to play at all

  8. You censored their Name in the first line but didn’t censor it in your reply lol

  9. No. Those have their own, different, set bonuses

  10. do you know what the future set effects are gonna be?? Thank you

  11. There are 6 different ones and all of them are very in depth, I recommend checking out Saintones Lost Ark google doc, he documented all about relic sets and the way on aquireing them.

  12. With valtan 1415 characters dont get gold from oreha anymore there was some mild concern it would grey out with south vern release but before valtan gold income with the track record weve had

  13. can anybody please explain the issue about T3 releasing etc etc

  14. T1/T2 is basically irrelevant. Economy will be dominated much more heavily by try hards that rush T3.

  15. Ahh I see, thank you for explaining, I woke up and my discord was raging and stuff and nobody cares to explain lmao

  16. I dont get the train one, anybody minds explaining? TY

  17. See, we can learn something new from reddit

  18. They didn’t get him for free on the OG one, buddy. That was a global thing to begin with.

  19. 1 for friends and family, 2 for work related stuff, my workplace wants me to write in email form even if its via text XD

  20. You did a fight with someone who didn't use a boosted unit?

  21. does that affect the link bell rewards? I think its just the medal currency thingy thats affected by boosted units but all team members were boosted since I was the host for all 3 rooms

  22. Maybe you had a book running in one of them?

  23. oh no books for all 3 images, the text would be yellow if there was books involved. Earlier when I noticed I was using books so I had to redo the whole screenshot thingy :(

  24. Hello o/ How do you pull on BT reruns if you want the BT? Just go full Gems? yolo tix??

  25. If you absolutely want the BT, you either token it or use gems with the intent to pity if need be. Tickets guarantee NOTHING. Someone on JP used 2000+ tickets on Lunafreya hoping for the BT. They got nothing.

  26. Thank you! Yea went in with gems just to be sure

  27. Like people are mentioning before, there are no weapons that you can pity so pull wisely

  28. Wait. You already blew 300 tickets on it despite the fact it's a daily draw on this banner?

  29. yea a friend and I did just for funzies, no biggie since they were gonna expire in a week

  30. I do understand and I really appreciate the effort you and your team have been doing

  31. Amazing infographic as always! Thank you!

  32. hello o/ anybody knows about approximately how long before FFIV collab arrives?? Thank you! :)

  33. FFIV is looking like mid January at this point. Haven’t seen any confirmation of another viz back banner, and I’m not sure there’s a pattern to them showing up yet (last 2 were for 1.5 anni and Black Friday). We might get another for the collab, or it might be at the full year anni.

  34. Scroll down for a second or two and you'll see this is like the sixth time this question has been asked today.

  35. They only changed ashe's LD and EX? so still 1 dump each for S1 and S2?? :(

  36. It is reworked, both her skills do 3 hp dump.

  37. selphie's LD call is supposed to be giving 2 turn rapture right?? mine doesnt for some reason, i got all passives equipped :(

  38. Sadly, Selphie's LD Call does not inflict rapture.

  39. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! i thought I could do more damage during bursts with launches with selphie call similar to how cid raines does during launch since i missed his banner

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