1. These people are trashier than the crap we see in RZ's movies

  2. Halloween Ends showdown feels very weird, it's just there it's just happened feels forced

  3. It's so annoying. It actually made me enjoy the movie less.

  4. Halloween Ends really fucked up this timeline's Michael so I think Pt.3 Jason easily wins.

  5. This is what I wanna know as well. The window seems HUGE. Without an explanation I think I’ll feel a little let down

  6. There is an explanation from what I've read but it's not what we as fans were expecting.

  7. Yeah i could see a vague connection with the knife reflection scene

  8. Michael sees his own reflection in Corey's eye(s)

  9. They're legit, you're mainly rolling rice on how well or bad the condition of the packaging comes.

  10. Sounds like someone from Universal or Blumhouse came here to sel the movie lmao

  11. I was very underwhelmed by 2018 at the time I first saw it but it grew on me overtime, the Laurie '78 callbacks took me out of the movie and 2018 actually prepared me to what to expect with HK so that made me enjoy it more and I love how rich HK is with nostalgia, love the flashback and the ending, no matter how brutal Michael's kills are they somehow feel very '78ish because of the aftermath and the display of dead bodies. My only dislike of Kills is Tommy, he should've felt more competent I understand not every character has to be a hero so I like the way he fucked up but he should feel like he got the best out of Michael by kicking his ass more along with the mob.

  12. They stated before they can't make it due to licensing

  13. yeah but…..After he killed his sister he didnt linger he just walked downstairs and out

  14. Used to like the channel but realized they're full of shit

  15. I doubt it. It would be a messy movie release with no definitive ending.

  16. It could potentially be a pop culture moment. The FIRST film in history to do this with a theatrical / streaming release. Halloween is known for breaking new ground. I'd like to add this feature to its cap.

  17. I mean I'm not against having two different endings, it'd be something special for us fans but I don't see it happening. But I hope I'm wrong.

  18. Varies by store. I'd go every day to look for new products especially during an event when multiple items will release. The day you miss might be the day they stock the shelves and don't forget to ask employees to check their backroom.

  19. I currently own the original release with the red case but I prefer this new one more might buy it.

  20. Yeah I was being sarcastic since in that particular shot he talked about you only see Michael's hand with the missing fingers and he didn't really need to say 8 fingers.

  21. Oh it definitely is. JLC said that she recommends people watch it at home and the theater. And says “No spoilers” 😉

  22. Does that not sound like she's just trying to help the movie perform good? Of course the movie makers want people to watch it multiple times in the theater plus streaming.

  23. Heat it with a hair dryer a full power for like 5 seconds then once you feel the plastic a bit gummy and flexible pinch it and hold it together as it cools down. Might have to do it a couple of times but it works.

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