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  1. Am i the only one who hated the first one as well? I haven't even watched the second one because how bad it was.

  2. I thought the first was passable but didn’t understand why people liked it so much I thought it dragged.

  3. Interestingly, she was diagnosed with Colin cancer the day before she died.

  4. Really? Wow. She must have been in pain for quite a bit.

  5. Awe oh good god the LA waiter stories are so juicy. I swear they must make money on the side selling gossip to tabloids about celebrities

  6. I’m sure TMZ will pay them if the story is good enough and no one else broke it.

  7. A lot of those people died though....

  8. I could be misremembering but didn't her parents separate around that time? and she sided w her mom

  9. They did. This article also talks about

  10. Lived experiences tend to change people's minds about things like this.

  11. It was a restaurant probably a kitchen nightmares scenario. Also that industry has some insane turnover I think I read on average it takes a new restaurant 7 years to close down from opening unless they’re just really good.

  12. I think he probably tried to set up deals with multiple people. He certainly got the influencers onboard.

  13. Maintaining that kind of lifestyle is hard to do without a good income source.

  14. That’s part of it especially since it’s not realistic for them to cut their security costs. People may dislike them but you know they have stalkers at the same time.

  15. If they actually read the news maybe they’d like CNN now cause it’s owned by one do them now

  16. I thought it was always owned by conservatives considering how their donations lean so heavily to the right, but it makes sense for media to do that because they don't want to lose their publishing rights, but now you have big tech against them like FB over the publishing debate. It's about to get messy.

  17. I don't know why people can't just click on the article source like CNN is just making up the study...durrr and I only get annoyed because I worked for a health company for a few years we have to cite studies for all info we put out.

  18. not to mention he most likely found out about her from wednesday, a show where she plays a 16 year old 🤢

  19. She’s still 10 to me 😂that’s why I don’t understand guys.

  20. lol for some reason i thought she was like 30 now, because i remember her from stuck in the middle. my brain works in mysterious ways.

  21. I still feel like that show was like 2 years ago lol.

  22. I was sick 2 weeks back but was able to get DayQuil. It really helped with the breathing but also I kept passing out even though it was DayQuil I couldn’t stay awake I think I slept for 15 hours one day.

  23. I had something like that- I think I slept 16 hr a day. I was out 2 weeks from work. I’ve never experienced anything like it- negative for Covid. Dr didn’t give it a label.

  24. I was out for only 5 days luckily, but then I talked to someone else who actually went to see a doctor with the same issue it started in her lungs and moved up and they said it was probably more of the flu because she also tested negative for covid. I was sick and not planning to go anywhere so I just hunkered down and slept it off with a lot of dayquil and some nyquil though I don't like sleeping meds so I don't take them as much.

  25. I was also obese as a child. I’d eat the food that mt parents gave me, which was often made-from/scratch comfort food or highly processed microwaveable food.

  26. Same and I had older brothers who were fit and about 8 years old than me it was awful because everyone always asked about me “hot brothers” 😞 by the time I was born though my dad had diabetes and was very inactive and was the main parent at home with me while my mom worked this meant a lot of my meals were frozen and for whatever reason I wasn’t social so I wasn’t super active. Sometimes I wonder if my parents had also had healthy habits if I would have been in better shape because they were far more active with my brothers and my dad wasn’t on disability yet so they developed healthier social and eating habits.

  27. I mean half these are meals and the gym 😂

  28. Imagine how long she'd have to perform if she did every song? LMAO I don't think we want her to die like that.

  29. Ya reading that original post had me scratching my head. Do people actually believe having people live day in and day out in their own filth is somehow just?

  30. Actually I think they do, some people get really mad when encampments get moved for cleaning and it's like "guys they're living in their own waste this isn't healthy" I've seen some of these guys walk around with the worst looking sores on their legs too which are clearly infected and it's just like should we help them or let them continue living like this until they die?

  31. Part of the problem is that encampments don't "get moved" - they get thrown in the garbage. And you know who isn't replacing those tents? The people throwing them away.

  32. I have not seen a good answer to it though, so what do you suggest? The city already passed laws so people can't remove garbage so they go about these back handed ways to do clean ups that eventually spread out into areas they shouldn't. Should we just leave needles on the street? Because that's what was happening and does happen often.

  33. Madoff got 150 years for his scheme so yea that would fit.

  34. Such an apathetic title, it really tells you how much faith we have in our legal system.

  35. With her private jet, she might actually be doing all of the spots in one day!

  36. She's probably got a helicopter picking her up and taking her around with idris elba in the front seat. I love that for her.

  37. Obviously she can’t play every song I want but if she doesn’t sing KOMH and Dress I might actually cry.

  38. I think she'll do a lot of mashups, but I hope we get some of her better bridges because I also need some Gold Rush in there.

  39. The girls here simp over him but majority don’t like him because he humble brags about his millions of dollars quite often. Not sure how that’s relatable.

  40. He seems nice enough, but yeah the humble brags aren't always obvious to everyone. Also, I think when it comes to business expenses guys like those videos more so he shows more of it. Though how many people are realistically going to have to move millions of dollars like that? Ehhh debatable I guess it's aspirational to some.

  41. what else? belt? i’m honestly trying to understand ant not be a snark lmfao. knee sleeves? like all that could fit in a backpack

  42. I used to use a gym at work I'd bring bands, belt and the foam for my hip thrusts as well as shoes, change of clothes and sometimes if I was going out after other clothes so I think for most people it's not that they need to bring that much it just depends when you go to the gym, what you do before and after and if you need extra equipment. I've seen some girls bring a whole hair care routine to the gym, but that's because it's a pain to commute back home sometimes.

  43. $400 for a 2017 Prius that came with 40k miles. Interest is under 2% APR.

  44. You got a great interest rate. I find it hard to qualify for anything under 6% now.

  45. I pay a little under $250 for a 2017 Nissan Versa that came with $30k miles. Used car prices are much higher than they were when I bought it in 2017. But car payments do not have to be $500 to get something good and reliable.

  46. I pay $260.00 for a 2017 Mazda came with 17K miles and I'm only at 23K miles after 2 years. I do pay an extra 100 a month on it right now. I always find it crazy when people pay 1000 for their car and they struggle. I knew a girl with a porsche that she regretted and she had it on a lease I think the payment on the least was $800 a month or something.

  47. Yes but the caption is literally “Damn this AI app makes me look way cooler than I am😂”

  48. The AI keeps messing up the hands. Two of my friends used it today and their hands came out like this too 😂😂

  49. Hahaha I had one that turned my arms to my back so I look like some disjointed monster. I love it.

  50. She also had her own Disney show a few years back called “Stuck in the Middle” and is a main final girl in the reboot of the Scream films. She’s also been in other pretty popular movies like “X” by A24, “The Fallout” with Maddie Zeigler and “Yes Day” on Netflix

  51. I really have to watch X, but I remember Jenna from her other work she's good and deserves the recognition.

  52. I feel like Anya Taylor Joy was doing pretty well even before Queen's Gambit and that she has already shown that her cabilities goes beyond that show. But I might be biased cus I've loved her acting for years lmao

  53. She was great in Emma, too bad Netflix tried their hand with Persuasion and tried to match the tone of Emma because it was awful and I won't forgive Netflix for that.

  54. I'm a straight woman who lives with a gay man and we both had similar opinions on the season. I watched it I just didn't get that connection and I felt like Ryan, as he always does, hyper focuses on white males. The man has a type and it's been obvious for awhile. This is also why the Bloody Mary ep from Stories was actually good because it removed that lens he usually uses. I'd like to see him explore more cultures and horror based on different experiences right now it just feels like he's very much stuck in his own experience and I felt this last season with Red Tide as well.

  55. It isn't, but I think the data is still important when discussing the greater societal issues. OP originally was saying Western Feminism isn't the same, but I disagree because I think the only way to avoid the sharing of ideas in which some of these women may very well be taking things from Western Culture would be to completely shut off the sharing of information and I say this as someone from the West who spent and still spends a considerable amount of time in Eastern Culture studies.

  56. Its extremely hard for smaller counties to have enough volunteers to defend themselves, i know because i am from one. This is especially true when you have a neighbour like north korea

  57. This makes sense, but also then it's a bad example to use. Until a system allows for volunteers you can't really use it as an argument in equality because equality in this case would be that men who also don't want to serve don't have to until then it's pretty much forced servitude.

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