1. Mods haven't been active here in almost a year it seems

  2. I just got Crescendo from them, its good. Got Donny Burger, Garlic Cookies, Wild Cat, Early Lemon Berry all great and have reordered all of them. Chocolope is the only exception. My conspiracy theory: People who can't afford RC shit on it like a "sour grapes" scenario, and there's people on this Sub undercover who work for budget companies trying to make a difference on social media.

  3. You get what you pay for. That's it. Sometimes I want something weaker I get some Dosidos from Buckeye Relief. Some people have disposable money, and choose to get better weed. Dosen't make me StOoPiD!

  4. Just because you pay more doesn't mean you're getting a better product my dude, I've been getting way better halves and zips from buckeye, galenas, klutch and firelands for substantially cheaper than RC. And they come with a way better trim job.

  5. You'll need to ask your local dispensary to order some for you

  6. Cant even argue a single one of his points and you just resort to personal attacks how pathetic.

  7. It’s basically a long-con trick. They support more gun possession which simultaneously creates a more heavily-armed but unregulated population, creating more violent situations to escalate from everyday events which helps keep the general populace in a more manipulable state of fear & rage…while also giving the gun nuts the idea that they’re getting vital liberties protected…meanwhile the powers that be dismantle their rights to voting, fair pay, housing, etc.

  8. Man, I am getting fucking shit on for calling this out initially in the other post.

  9. So did anyone bother to actually read the article? It seems the biggest delays are in the construction/renovation of the brick and mortar locations?

  10. The navy doesn't want them but Congress didn't agree.

  11. The pineapple upside down cake from buckeye 🤦🏾‍♂️ but they have some great ones.. they backsliding though

  12. Agreed. Tasted like my grandma's old plastic wrapped couch.


  14. Go look at their latest drops. Chemrando and Black Maple.

  15. People so want to believe this trash it's amazing.

  16. The only trash here is your attitude

  17. Nope it's the pseudo science being peddled. Lemuria and Atlantis have no scientific evidence at all to backup their existence.

  18. I was unaware you were the arbiter of truth

  19. Yeah I’m really enjoying it… I was able to taste it today… maybe my sickness is subsiding! I wonder what RPO stands for….

  20. Pretty sure it stands for 'Real playas only'.

  21. They cultivate in Springfield. I’ve toured the facility.

  22. That's Pure Ohio wellness, which is indeed located in Springfield.

  23. Any shot of that angle is being blurred out by the McLaren admins. Check their twitter, there's a video of Lando watching Oscar's car go by and they blur that section as it is passing.

  24. Tinfoil hat theory says they want your attention drawn to the floor and away from something else on the car

  25. I really enjoyed this one. Very sweet and sedating.

  26. Grabbed some Catfish and cold snap last week and both were on point

  27. Trump would have literally done this if it weren’t for democrats standing up to fascism.

  28. Just looked up the song. Crazy good. I didn't expect to resonate with something so far from the genres I generally listen to.

  29. Pat the bunny is one of the greatest punk artists ever imo. Johnny hobo and the freight trains, wingnut dishwashers union, ramshackle glory. The journey conveyed through his music is beautiful, from dark, hateful and drug filled to compassion sobriety and activism.

  30. The glove from supply was super skunky

  31. Rogue waves are no joke, since they started investigating them 10 years ago, they have measured over 100 foot waves randomly just popping up outta nowhere in the Atlantic. Beginning to see why so many ships disappear ....

  32. Wait until you hear about rogue holes!

  33. It's going to probably end up sent back to collect the additional signatures so that we can force it on the ballot and vote on it.. So again, they will neither shit, nor get off the pot.. It'll be left to us, the people..

  34. Tell me you don't have any idea what communism is without telling me

  35. I know what history says about centralized planning of an economy. Communism was a massive failure.

  36. Ah yes, because if I'm building a house - and then the entire US military industrial complex embargoes every building material they can. Then I must be a failure of a builder....

  37. I don't think 'satire' means what you think it means.

  38. LMAO someone's mad he can't fly a helicopter inside!

  39. If you believe this was an actual attempt to fly a helicopter inside, you must be incredibly gullible.

  40. If you believe the helicopter didn't fly you need your eyes checked. It clearly flew straight into the wall.

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