1. Paul is incapable of wearing any style of hat the way hats are meant to be worn.

  2. I just commented about this on a post above. I’m surprised he doesn’t have his bangs styled, teased and sprayed around the hat. I despise how he wears hats!!

  3. I seriously do too. His baseball caps look like sunbonnets.

  4. Right? It's so good not to have to beg for money from strangers/followers/Mom/Dad/Dave

  5. I need to tell you to never change your flair because I love it. It reminds me of her early flounderings when she was trying to drum up some credible interest in Bethy's Squad or whatever that rosebud thing was all about. Ah, those simple days of yore.

  6. I took it from someone's post title because I read it as (and still do) "Single squid" hahaha. I totally forgot about Bethany's Squad!! She really thought she was a Taylor Swift didn't she?

  7. Yep, she's completely missed the point. They're not normal christians, they're fundamentalist christians - not only does that mean they will never accept the idea that they could possibly be wrong about anything or take advice from anyone (never mind from a non-fundie), but their brand of christianity is all about preaching, grifting and imposing their beliefs on to others while dreaming of a world where everyone walks the same path as they do and the undesirables of the world are irradicated. Being ordinary people talking about preschool books for babies and how christians can follow their faith while been open and tolerant of a very different world, isn't their m.o.

  8. I totally agree. Ex fundie here. They have to constantly be “suffering for Christ” which is completely against the actual teaching of Jesus.

  9. Right, the constant drumbeat of self-denial, serving others, and suffering underlies every waking moment of their lives.

  10. It's hilarious that the only time she ever mentions "benefitting the community" is when it's a product she's selling.

  11. I also think it’s WAY too soon to the situation to bring up. I think maybe in a couple of years in another Porgan video she can do it as more educational and cautionary tale than snark.

  12. I did not watch the video, so I'm just speaking generally: if it were presented matter-of-factly without snarky editorializing, I don't see why it would be too soon to recount the facts that let up to the emergency. It's a series of events that happened; the nearly-fatal crisis didn't occur out of nowhere. If she talked about the seriousness of the birth situation but didn't mention anything about the background of that situation, I think that's misleading to an audience who may or may not know anything else about it.

  13. Yes...she's been doing that from the beginning. I just thought the timing of this was suspicious!

  14. Didn't did say she was going to offer this price to one person?

  15. Yes...It was just my theory that so shortly after that person commented that they wished they could afford it, she did this.

  16. Sorry, I should've said: yeah I did notice that coincidence, and thought she might be offering it to that one person if the person jumps at the chance.

  17. She does draw a salary of ~30k/year from GD. The EoY griftathon feeds into their salaries, though I'm sure they treat GD like a bank account. Either way, they could only use the salary and not GD assets for mortgage approval.

  18. So here's a question about the whole salary thing. I fully understand that nonprofits pay their staff a salary; I worked for one. But what I don't understand is why she's frequently crowing about the ongoing sales of merchandise--like their mentorship video course. She acts like--and basically says--that the mentorship course is the crown jewel of her pAsSiVe InCoMe StReAmS and that she continues to benefit from ongoing sales of that $79 course (which isn't even being promoted on a regular basis! Though: just the other day, their publicity servant, whats-her-name, was promoting it in their stories.)

  19. Even if her salary is set, they still need the money to pay for those salaries every year. I'm 2019 they had something like $135k in savings for the non-profit, so they were fine then. But they brought in less than 1 person's salary in the end of 2022 year thing, when normally they bring in a full salary of hers or Kristen's ($30k). So if they're not selling enough other things, they both wouldn't get their full salary.

  20. They also actively admit that they are insisting they only speak English, and Kristen can be seen in vlogs correcting and been visibly annoyed by her children's Ukrainian accents whenever they creep back into their everyday speech. Her and her husband are white saviour grifters and absolute fucking monsters, but those facts seem to get forgotten sometimes.

  21. All that, and the fact that the minute they were in Kristen and Zach's custody, the indoctrination began in earnest. Kristen and Zach are very insistent that "you belong to this family now, and this family puts Jesus religion at the center of everything." That's their main concern and number-one priority: raising these boys to be committed Christians. I cannot imagine being the age they were and suddenly, on top of everything else, having this script thrust in their faces constantly. It's bad enough when those of us who grew up with it were soaked in that stuff from infancy forward, but it's somehow even worse when the kids are older and then expected to get on board.

  22. I tried looking up Brandon Howard and finding any info about him or his alleged former drag career and I couldn't find anything except Girl Defined's interview with him, FB business account and a YouTube video he made about how he "left drag behind". There's not much about him when you go looking and I have no idea how they found him or why he's someone worth talking to. Tbh I think he's just grifting and looking for attention.

  23. Why is so important to live in a house when clearly they can't afford to do so? I have lived in flats my whole life and honestly I don't see myself living in a house. There is nothing to be ashamed of for living within your means. I think it's partly a cultural thing because in my country most people life in flats but I honestly don't understand the sense of urgency to move that Bethany seemed to have

  24. You can really see how insular the Baird world was just by reading or hearing some of the inane things they say or share. I highly doubt they had many friends who were not wealthy or solidly middle class.

  25. She never learned to fail the way the rest of us did circa elementary school.

  26. Well they did basically steal their ideas from a disgraced sexual abuser.

  27. They don’t. Speaking as someone who was “saved” around the same age

  28. It's OK though because if you're a terrified child who thinks they did it wrong-- because you don't know what you're supposed to be experiencing but you're pretty sure you're not experiencing it--you can just compulsively pray the prayer over and over, hoping at some point it'll stick.

  29. These people are so eager to believe the kids are making these big "accepted Jesus into my heart" declarations of their own free will and understanding. I hate to break it to them but it's called "parental approval and positive attention."

  30. Seems like the whole reason to make these reels at the park was that someone was really feeling herself in the faux fur coat (and the rest of that ensemble).

  31. God those are so bad. We had a client pass away who had one and the company gave their family no time to pay it off and they sold the house at a Sheriff’s auction. It was horrible.

  32. OK but Tom Selleck assures us, in a folksy voice, that won't happen

  33. I do not like Bethany. She sucks. But I actually kind of relate to this as a mother of two. I was a person when I had my first, but I was a Mom when I had my second. I had really strong animal instincts as a mother to take care of my first, but it took several months before I felt like I had transitioned from Person to Mom. Early on when people would ask about my first, I remember needing to come up with an answer that didn’t make it seem like I wasn’t bonding with him because my first thought was always “I mean, he’s cute, he cries, he’s a baby” but after a couple months, I was definitely that Mom who was like, “Let me scroll through 45 pictures of him existing before I show you my top 5!”

  34. We're talking specifically about Bethany here, with a knowledge of her behavior and personality.

  35. Why would you not edit out walking to and from the camera TWICE? This is so awkward. But also somehow feels too short, like they couldn't dance for longer.

  36. She's found new lows for her laziness. Editing? Nah, that's for less-important people than Bethany.

  37. I get this feeling too: I think if you stripped Bethany of all the nonsense, her base personality is someone who enjoys leading, organizing, planning, talking to people, etc. Which is a valuable personality! We need people like that to run the world.

  38. She does that all the time! Based on the amalgamation of experiences here of people blocked by her, she will also look at a profile and if it has anything like pride flags, pronouns or something she doesn’t agree with in bio she will block. She has also admitted to blocking people with their cat a profile picture (something about cat people being untrustworthy or something in that vein). I’ve never been blocked but I wonder if she can’t see my bio or I must look innocuous enough, and don’t watch stories enough for her to catch on.

  39. I'm just gonna go ahead and say it: Morgan is way worse in this video than Paul. I watched the entire thing and the majority of it is her just blatantly pushing r*pe culture. Fuck Morgan

  40. Her default is this eye-rolling, exasperated, bored, "This just seems dumb to me, who cares?" attitude. "It's not a big deal! You guys are making a big deal out of nothing, hee hee."

  41. Three years of sobriety is still a thing to be proud of! It may not be “remarkable” but it’s still a damn hard thing to do that many people can’t.

  42. Being in drag is like being a stripper? It sorta sounds like he just chose to be a stripper, I assume not every drag performer is a stripper? In fact I didn't realize it was a thing.

  43. I was just thinking about this book the other day. Tony's slowly growing class consciousness is so interesting and not a very common YA theme in our gen?: his devotion to the idea that teaching is "pure" and other kinds of work are "selling out," and the way he and his friends torment a waitress till she screams at them that their stupid change buys bread--all really potent (at least in my memory). Thanks for the reminder, will read again now.

  44. I re-read it a couple of years ago, and it really holds up.

  45. Context: in this story, she rambles about her "daily questions" that she's been posting every other day or so; she's speaking rapidly and just sort of hammering out words, pausing twice when Davey mades some noises from the back seat, and then she promotes her ol' marriage questionnaire and tells the audience where to buy it.

  46. This woman is TRIGGERED, man 🤣 she gives herself away… she’s very very jealous of Jinger.

  47. She's not jealous, she's furious that an adult child would say something against their parents. She's projecting her own feelings as a shitty Christian parent.

  48. She looks like a real person and like someone I could be friends with in the high school photo. She has a guitar! I would not be friends with the woman in the after photos.

  49. I know! She had a nice smile and looked cute. What's the problem? Plus, is this the only picture ever taken of her in 2009? (well, and the other ones in the same outfit.) I mean, come on. She only uses these photos because she hates the way the outfit looks on her.

  50. I'd honestly love to see a showdown between Lori and Bethany. They'd both think they were the superior Christian when in reality they're both pigs rolling in shit.

  51. Spending and shopping are the funnest ladyhobbies, amiright girls?? Gosh we can hardly stop ourselves from all that spending and shopping! Aw shucks we're such sillyheads.

  52. Here's the thing. They are "reactive" not "proactive". They see a trend in modernity and react with rules against it. They see theory in the secular world and need to respond with an opposing biblical theory. They see scientific advancements and they need a response with how it's unbiblical, mark of the beast, etc., or if it relates to evolution they need a young earth creationist explanation of how this new information supports the bible rather than disputing it.

  53. That's very true. They do live in a constant state of opposition. I've always said if they got their way and had their own sectioned-off area of the U.S. in which to live as Christianly as they want--all Christian, all day long, at all levels of society--they would promptly have a collective emotional crisis and then start tearing each other apart. Because they need that constant rush of being "against" things.

  54. I don’t mean to be rude using this as a comparison but you know how people can be triggered into disordered eating etc as a means of feeling like they have control over something in their life?? Maybe it’s along those lines.

  55. I get what you're saying, and that can be true in some cases, but sometimes it's just superiority: deciding to be more exclusive and snobby. "Oh I don't eat that [common food item], I only eat this [alternative item or version of item]."

  56. Right, also I love how they just gloss over what God's "beautiful plan" for surgery is. How do they think an intersex person should choose which gender they "should" be? Sometimes it's not that clear-cut! From what I understand some intersex people are kind of smack-dab in between male and female and carry many physical characteristics of both. What do they think those people should do? If their answer is "just choose one or the other" then that literally unravels their ENTIRE narrative about trans people!

  57. They seem to think the only physical characteristics are observable genital features. I don't think they realize anything about chromosomes at all.

  58. So there is a special tag for the Goodings family because a lot of people here find them traumatizing

  59. I cannot understand why anyone would downvote someone for suggesting the tag be used.

  60. Usually it's asking for the homophobia tag that gets me downvotes 🤦🏻‍♂️

  61. "Be considerate to your community" hardly seems like a controversial request to me.

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