1. Am I the only one that's have female Vibe in this Robot, like bro.. Look at the thigh bruh

  2. In MGS2 development.. Kojima want to named it MGS3, but the staff wouldn't allow it

  3. Idk, last time I bought my friend's to watch that movie. My friend just sleep though half the movie lmfao and then when he's wake up I'm just say "aww man you just miss some of the best scene" lmao

  4. Pretty bad, don't search it up ๐Ÿ’€

  5. I'm still confused about this frame, it's like she didn't wear any clothes. But when i check it again in episode 6 or 7 maybe.. she literally wear a towel

  6. Always been shocked by how brutal this whole section is. Remember the people being burned alive by that guy with the flamethrower?? I sure do.

  7. And I'm still remember where I'm burn every Japanese soldier in Call Of Duty World At War. Such a good memories

  8. Ive seen your post when i first encountered this sub, and then scrolled, n scrolled and found this post

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