4 suicide attempts later, and on the first of january i made it to 18 years old. not sure what the future holds for me but i cant believe i did it

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  1. My understanding is that some of them came from Alberta, you know, Canada's Texas.🤣

  2. i prefer them spanking me! The barber that is, not women.

  3. Don't get me wrong, any commentary is welcome and I will totally watch it. However, it's not the same unless they're both doing it. Listening to them argue and yell at each other, as well as hearing spenny's insane logic on why he does what he does in the episodes is my main draw. It's like a second episode to me.

  4. spenny will be doing some as well! so will other crew members. the crew has the best stories though!

  5. one more piercing and i could use your face as a shower curtain.

  6. there going to be new stuff very soon! getting some crew and shit together.

  7. Expect to lose your money and hate spencer even more!

  8. I know what it say! And the shirt is a blurred image I didn’t blur it afterwards.

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