1. Waxing? It's (relatively) cheap, hair takes longer to grow back and if you do it regularly it weakens the follicles meaning less hairs and they will also be thinner.

  2. Wait this sounds really good. Do you recommend doing it at a salon or on my own?

  3. I'm sort of the same. I read some posts of other trans women discussing a similar thing, and what I realized is that childhood entails an ammount of gender fluidity that adulthood does not. I always wanted to be more feminine than I was comfortable expressing but I never really questioned my gender identity until my 20s. I had identified as bisexual since my teens, and I always thought that if I were able to get my diet under control and exercise more, I'd be able to be something like a twink or maybe a femboy, gender expressions that are mainly the domains of the young. So for me, 'boyhood' was able to capture my desired gender expression in a way that 'manhood' can't.

  4. It's just simple math. You have more breast tissue so have a higher chance of getting breast cancer.

  5. Oh yeah I know that, it’s moreso the thing about prostate cancer going down that I’m talking about

  6. The opposite is true. Without testosterone your prostate shrinks. Less prostate, less cancer.

  7. Oh okay! Could you give me a good source detailing that, I’m trying to get a bunch of sources to show my mom to ease her mind

  8. I think Theo works for you! I also could see Braxton, Zack, or Rowan

  9. Yeah, my grandmother is a breast cancer survivor so we’re gonna check to see if it’s a hereditary thing. If that is clear, I’m pretty sure I’m clear for anything else.

  10. Cis people enjoy the way their body makes them feel during sex. Ideally they feel confident and sexy, and they enjoy the way their partners treat them.

  11. I still enjoy how my body feels during sex for the most part, it’s mainly my lack of breasts that makes me dysphoric during it, other than that I feel great. Is that bad bc I think I might be trans but hearing this makes me overthink what if I’m not 😅

  12. Estrogen is just as bad as it is for you as it would be for her, aka not at all. Our bodies naturally produce it, just like how hers produces testosterone. Taking hrt would just make your levels be aligned with a woman's.

  13. Omg you’re totally okay, this really helped me so much!! Thank you ❤️

  14. From what I have read, blood clots from E are only a risk factor if you are taking oral E. And there are multiple ways to administer it, so you can request that.

  15. Well see I’m deathly afraid of needles so that’s kinda off the table 😅

  16. As long as you keep an eye on things you should be fine, and remember a side effect is NOT a gaurentee, odds are in your favor to have nothing happen at all.

  17. Thank you, I really do just have a chronic overthinking problem and constantly worry about the worst case scenario happening 😅 sometimes I need a reminder and someone to ground me so thanks ❤️

  18. What country are you in? Are you an adult?

  19. As I was sobbing telling my dad “sometimes I wish I were a girl” he no joke straight faced goes “I know” 😐

  20. Anecdotal but pills were pretty ineffective for me and I've already seen much better results from injections after just a couple months. Haven't had labs done tho so can't say what levels are like. Also just more convenient as it's just a once a week thing instead of putting aside half an hour every morning where I couldn't talk to dissolve the pills. That being said the mood swings have been worse on injections.

  21. Thank you so much! I have a really bad fear of needles so I’m unsure if I could do that to myself once every week. As for the pills, are you not able to just swallow it? Or is it your specific prescription that you need to let dissolve?

  22. I found surprisingly good pads on Amazon for like 13$! I also have a close group of friends who helped me shop for a bra, they generally recommended A/B to begin with.

  23. I have tried going by Dawn before! I think it’s really pretty but it’s a lilll too close to my birth name for my liking

  24. Holy shit this like… enlightened and validated me 50 times over. Thank you!

  25. (I hope you don't mind a trans man intruding into your subreddit, girls). Happened to see this thread and recognised some stuff I was going through.

  26. Thank you so much, that honestly does really help. I feel like I think too much about being a girl to be cis tbh, I just need to find out where I wanna go from here

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