1. That's because Christians cause a lot of problems in the US at least

  2. PS remote play. Only way I can take screenshots and have them on my phone

  3. Usually I wear platform high cut doc martins, or these boots “demonia gravedigger” I’m not sure how to put a link but that’s what there called

  4. very cool, i have black vans, but idk if femboys/catboys wear those often.

  5. What's the problem here? It says it ships between the 25th and the 8th of next month

  6. Why don't you buy games digitally if you don't want to wait? Also, arriving then would be better than shipping then.

  7. I've heard there can be ether in it, but usually not much I'd imagine

  8. I'm not an adult you dumbass. Sounds like you're still drunk. That or you're just naturally dumb.

  9. I may have forgot that in other countries besides the US you can legally drink before 21 🤷

  10. Not a lady, but a deep voice is kinda hot, but it really doesn't matter too much.

  11. It has nothing to do with being weak. It's that she may not entirely trust you yet, but just make sure that you tell her you are there for her and make sure you can back that statement up.

  12. It's 2022. Everyone gets triggered about everything

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