1. Why did they change Peter's pants to blue?

  2. Pet central does cats, fish, birds and small animals. They dont stock alot of live animals but that's becouse they only sell rescued, rehabilitated kittens, which take a lot of time. If you wanted to check out kittens or fish they would be my recommendation.

  3. What do you mean, what does it mean? Are you stupid or just playing stupid? Please…

  4. I get what it means, I'm just trying to point out it doesnt do a very good job illustrating it's own point. I guess I didnt do a good job illustrating my own point either lol.

  5. Where do u people find these? I never come across such posts on FB/insta

  6. Someone just posted this to my areas local grapevine.

  7. Midlife? I'm 20 and I feel like this now

  8. He does doesnt he. Also hes asking me if you've checked your cars extended warranty.

  9. This is great news. We finally have a spiderman to help clear up the crime

  10. That's not what it says in the goose bible

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