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  1. You got this. Give it your best effort and put in the time, you will be shocked at how much you learn and retain. Best of luck!

  2. Usually the pre-crash is much larger than the actual crash but it really all depends what’s in the presents.

  3. Last few years squads games were typically 14-10 now they’re 42-35 lol defense is insanely hard this year

  4. Lids, fanatics, fansedge, kohls, macys, all the major sport league sites etc all operate their online stores under the fanatics wing. Fanatics has a total monopoly over the sports apparel industry.

  5. New Mookie. Cannot hit with him for the life of me. Mashed with his MVP card last year but can’t figure his swing out this year!

  6. Played against him the other night and he went 0/5 with 5 strikeouts. Might be more user error if anything but I think I only had 11 strikeouts total in the game.

  7. I play on HOF in ranked and he will be decent against righties but basically unplayable against lefties. Probably not even gonna have him on bench because there are so many more options that are better

  8. Even worse he has reverse splits. Was hoping he’d be a solid bench bat against righties at worst but nah.

  9. X-Man plays way above his stats for me personally, huge fan of the care although I’m sure some of the newer options are better.

  10. Yes there will be difficult MCQ, I’d be prepared for everything and anything, best way to ensure there’s no surprises on exam day.

  11. Definitely had a chance against the rangers, agree not against the lightning or avs but the rangers were just a powerplay / igor team, no 5v5 offense whatsoever. 2019 was our last chance for a while, Sweeney can’t accept a rebuild so this team will be stuck in the middle of the pack for the next few years.

  12. We didn't lose to Tampa in regulation this year. How can you justify that we would have had NO chance against them?

  13. I suppose I’m being a bit too pessimistic but I’ve seen that story with Tampa before in the playoffs. They play a playoff style game with excellent 5v5 defense and get depth scoring, something the Bruins haven’t figured out in years. I think they would’ve given Tampa a fight but I couldn’t envision them solving Vasy enough 5v5 to surpass them.

  14. I think I got the certificate 4 days after my license number showed up on the site.

  15. Yeah the content has been pretty awful but so many abused gamers are praising it because they're used to being bent over a barrel by Madden, NBA and FIFA.

  16. Last year’s DD was better, just wish they slowed the release of 99s and they shouldn’t have given out guys like DeGrom for free. But I feel like this year is a huge grind for not as much of a reward.

  17. Why do you want them to make it harder to get good cards? That’s objectively stupid unless you want to spend a lot of money.

  18. Did I say I wanted them to make it harder to get good cards? Did you even play last year? You must have forgotten that they gave out 32 97-99s at the all star break, which hurt online play mainly with the Degrom spam. This years grind hasn’t made me want to touch DD, would have hoped they came up with something in the middle of this year and last years card releases and programs.

  19. Just fucking look it says right on the game how to get him.

  20. Lost Rakell and Crosby both to headshots and have a whopping 2 penalty minutes total to show for it. But remember, it’s the Rags vs refs!

  21. They’re the worst. Ranger hacks only show up when the team is doing well too, first time I’ve seen them in a few years.

  22. Most of the b law I had (which was a pretty good amount) was based on definitions and knowing the terms. I don’t recall seeing a ton of application questions like this

  23. Hey did you get anything on this? This is EXACTLY what they did to me. They told me I need 365 DAYS exactly, despite me working 2100 hours. I emailed back but no response yet.

  24. Im also in the same position as you. Did you ever get an answer?

  25. Unfortunately I had to just do the rest of my hours at my full time job rn. Ridiculous that 2100 part time hours didn’t work but they count full time as more

  26. Guy just reposted this from Twitter for easy upvotes lol

  27. Wow 100$… could never be me. I’m still mad I spent 15$ at the beginning of the year even though it helped a lot

  28. If he has the money to spend who cares what he spends it on

  29. Judon is practically free at this point...If you know, you know.

  30. 93-94 Power-Up Pass works on Judon if you don't want to pay for the LTD.

  31. This happens to me using a series x controller but with the old controller it works fine.

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