My pregnancy changed how I feel about my husband

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AITA for getting up from my chair in the middle of christmas dinner and shouting "SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT MY BODYYYYY" in response to my husband's observation?

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  1. So weird! I constantly had this dream when my baby was in the Snoo for the first 5 months. I’ve started bed sharing for the past 2 months and no longer have it.

  2. No. I told my pediatrician and my doctor (she’s a family doctor). My friend once told me if I needed to lie then I have the wrong doctor for me so telling them was a litmus test of sorts.

  3. May I ask how it gets better? In what ways? I have a 6 weeker and it’s been tough!

  4. I have a 7 month old. I can put her down to play, she eats some real food along with breast milk, I don’t leak everywhere, I bedshare now that she’s older and I’m finally fucking sleeping and she gets so happy when she sees me even if it’s only been like 2 mins… she giggles and reaches for me and says mama and it’s just pure joy

  5. I’m so sorry. It sounds like you had a great dad & that he had a great son.

  6. It doesn’t matter. There is nothing that determines how the disease will progress. Everyone’s ALS is unique. I wouldn’t bother trying to guess what will come next as it’s very unpredictable.

  7. I think the only reason it truly matters is preparedness. Bulbar has a much shorter life span vs limb generally. There was some stuff we just didn’t need for her (wheelchair, lift, etc) as she walked up until the day she died. Also if there is something you want to do with Bulbar best not to wait. My mom was diagnosed March ‘20 and my partner decided to get married Aug ‘20 so she could see it. She was gone 3 months after we got married.

  8. Except for season/series finales and places they couldn’t have an audience (outside in London) they didn’t use laugh tracks… that’s just people laughing cuz it’s funny

  9. I highly recommend the ALS clinic at UCSF. They made my mom feel like a whole person and not like a person who had ALS. They paused to let her finish talking (really it was writing since she lost her voice) and all of them cared so much. A rare bright light in what was a dark journey

  10. This happened to my mom. We changed to Kate Farms and got her a joey pump to feed throughout the day.

  11. She is currently using two different formulas from Kate Farms. I'm unfamiliar with Joey pumps. What do they do?

  12. The joey pump ( I think it’s called Kangaroo Joey Enteral feeding pump) is basically a portable pump that provides continuous feeding. This helped my mom because the gravity feed just didn’t sit well with her.

  13. You are a woman. Since you are a woman who likes other women (samesies ma’am) sounds like you’re a lesbian. Fuck everyone who says otherwise.

  14. My mom had trouble sleeping. Her last week she couldn’t keep her eyes open, she literally had us tape her eyelids open so she could see us she was so tired. It sounds like it might be time to be there more.

  15. Have you contacted your local ALS chapter? They let us use a wheelchair for my mom and we gave it back after. They picked up.

  16. Hi Katee, I would like to learn more about the steps you took for this option? My mom is on hospice this week. Her one good arm is getting a little slower. Please help me!?

  17. Doesn’t matter the rep said that despite no requirement for residency she’s have to fly there find two doctors and then do a psych eval. I can’t even get her out of bed much less a flight. Why do they make it so hard for people that need it the most.

  18. With the exception that we don't have a literal battle between The Creator and The Dark One that is REAL and imminent. If Satan somehow manifested into our reality, and the world knew it was real, I'd think we'd have a different result.

  19. You are 100% wrong about that. We just had a world wide pandemic that was killing millions and all people had to do was wear a mask. Instead people chose to believe it was made up. If Satan came a calling I guarantee, no matter the proof, people would be all “fake news”.

  20. Hi OP. I lost my mom 2 years ago from ALS when she was 63. I wish there was some comfort I could give you. I remember sitting in the backyard wanting to die so I could be with her, wishing there was something that could prove to me that one day I’d see her again and wanting the pain to be over but also not because she deserved to have someone hurt this much for her. 2 years later and it still hurts but it’s different. It’s not the all encompassing nonstop gut punch where you just want to rip off your own skin so people can realize just exactly how painful this is for you. I kinda describe my grief like carrying around a backpack of rocks and every morning I wake up to find it with a different amount of rocks in it. So some days it’s not so full. I still feel it but when I hear a song on the radio that reminds me of my mom and I place another grief rock in it, it’s still manageable to carry. Other days I wake up and it’s already full so I feel the grief so much harder and when I see a daughter in a store with her mom adding that one grief rock causes me to break down because it is just so heavy. Right now your backpack is full to the brim every day but one day, without your noticing, you will wake up and it wont be so full and that will be both a relief and painful at the same time. Be kind to yourself on this journey youve just begun.

  21. The same thing happened to me when I was pregnant. I could not get enough of my wife.

  22. NTA- He is gaslighting the fuck out of you by saying this is on you and your insecurities. He is continually making comments to purposely hurt your self esteem. I gave birth a few months ago and my wife makes comments about how amazing I look, but only when I make disparaging comments about my body. Your partner is there to lift you up, not put you down. The fact that he said this in front of his family is even more telling. This kind of behavior is normally kept behind closed doors so no one can see how terribly he is treating you. He did this in front of his family which means he is either completely daft and thinks this is ok and not abusive (which he will teach your child) or he is comfortable enough to abuse you emotionally in front of others.

  23. My mom got it pretty soon after diagnosis since she had bulbar. She by no means was giving up, it was to ensure she could tolerate the anesthesia and so that she could use it once she needed it instead of needing it and not having it yet. My mom continued to eat after her peg but the time when she could no longer eat enough to sustain herself came fast when it came.

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