1. They might be preparing for a walk, would also explain pupper's ridiculously happy face.

  2. You're probably right. He's excited for a walk.

  3. You should check out MSC cruises. They have some great deals right now for solo cruisers. You can book with them directly online and then book your airline separately. It's not as big a cruise line name in the US market but have been big in Europe for decades. And they really cater to solo cruisers.

  4. It's definitely illegal. Depending on your state's minimum wage you must be paid that by law. Let's say you work 15 hours in a shift and minimum wage is 10$ per hour. (it doesn't matter you're sleeping you're still at work) For that shift by law you must be paid $150. It doesn't matter what you signed.

  5. Yes I’m working towards them. I have a lot of videos lined up to do in the works. each one just takes awhile. I have a full time job and my own business outside of that as well as an eight year old lol. Time to work on the is scant. But I appreciate the watch and the comment. I am currently working on the video/videos for Pennsylvania. Can I ask, is the 10 per video too long? Would two separate videos with five treasures and a little more info per treasure come across better?

  6. I don't think it was too long. I like you're dividing it by state.

  7. That’s awesome! I really appreciate feed back. This has been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. What state are you in? I’ll research that one next

  8. I'm in Florida. I would definitely watch it.

  9. In general in the US any treasure you find is considered income on the value of the item. Of course the true value can be very elusive. First find the treasure and then you can hire a tax guy to help you.

  10. Usually they have two shows where the late dinner seating goes to a show at 7pm and the early dinner seating has a show at 9pm. I haven't been on the Allure but have been on many Royal ships and that's normally how they do it. I was recently on the Harmony and some nights they didn't even have a main show which I thought was very odd.

  11. I know what you mean, I still don’t see a consistent show daily show schedule.

  12. I really was shocked they didn't have main shows each night. It's definitely just cost cutting. I think that's going to be the wave of the future unfortunately.

  13. I know this is a bit late, but me and my partner went on Arvia's sister ship, Iona, a month ago. It was honestly an amazing experience. The ship isn't as flashy and glamorous as most other lines. It's a bit more like a hotel than a cruise ship in that regard. The food was fantastic. Much better than what we've seen served up on other lines. The buffet wasn't the best though. Just not a big enough selection. We enjoyed it so much though we decided to book a cruise on arvia next June/July.

  14. That's really good to know for the future.

  15. Obviously, shutting your credit down was a start but you also need to examine your credit and see if there's any accounts you don't recognize. If there are accounts, you can call and have them shut down immediately. I don't know about the restrining order but that entity he opened using your SS# is a real problem. The liability you have is in the future if taxes or future liabilities of the business aren't paid then they can possibly go after you. Some debts they won't be able to go after you personally but other debts and taxes especially they definitely can go after you personally. You need to somehow shut down that legal entitiy.

  16. You have the the parents and the situation figured out perfectly. They aren't doing you any favors that's for sure. So you need to decide is it worth renting that house from them and living with your bf. If the rent is reasonable and you like your bf then go for it. If the rent is way too high for the area then walk. You seem like you have a good head on your shoulders. You should be able to work the rent numbers on the deal.

  17. Fireball_Rum · 2 days ago I’ve been on a lot of cruises and just about every single one of them since 2015, someone has created a Facebook group for it. That is if it’s on one of the top (popular) cruise lines (Carnival, Royal, Disney or Norwegian).

  18. I thought the post was a great question and there were some very good answers. But the OP deleted their post. I thought it was great info for people.

  19. You may have to formally evict him but he doesn't have any right to your equity.

  20. Not only to your equity but doesn't have any rights to your sole ownership rights.

  21. It definitely looked like a bunch of shill bidding.

  22. Isn't Shill Bidding a form of fraud? Sounds like something Jack would do.

  23. Yes it's definitely illegal but hard to prove. I think people are nuts to bid in this auction. Save your money.

  24. I thought it might be a scam too. I did a search for "royal Caribbean oversold" and similar messaging showed up on some cruise blogs. I didn't get that email but I guess it's targeted to certain people.

  25. It felt a little like a scam but I just checked and that cruise is totally sold out.

  26. The surviving husband was most likely on the title to the house and since they were married he had a right of survivorship. So this would supercede a Will and he had every right to sell it. The Legend of Zelda gold edition was an awesome game. I'd be more pissed about the game than the house.

  27. That is really specific to the state they live in and Grandma may have set it up to where she was the only one on the deed in and grandpa had no right to it. It is definitely worth checking on. The personal property not even worth it. That is long gone.

  28. While you're definitely correct it varies from state to state but it's highly likely they held the house as joint teneants with a right of survivorship. There's no way the husband could have sold the house through a title agency without showing proper title. People are giving this kid false hope. He needs to track down the gaming stuff.

  29. This is where all the bidding stands right now. 11/18/22

  30. My ex wife and I ended up ignoring both our attorneys and negotiating the deal ourselves. It was easier, faster and cheaper. Both attorneys looked at our final deal and they filed it with the court. It was easier.

  31. It looks like your only choice for this winter is a Norwegian cruise on Pride of America. They are doing 7 and 10 day cruises all winter leaving and returning to Oahu. I think you would enjoy that cruise.

  32. This needs to be up higher. Depending on how the house was deeded you don't necessarily inherit the property. If they were joint tenants with rights of survivorship your mom owns 100% of the property.

  33. I was going to post this because I think the OP is very confused.

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