1. Girls be shaped like a barrel thrown by donkey kong and expect all men to be hung like a horse.

  2. There are a few superstitions that I really hate in my country. One is that you should never step on a crack in the sidewalk or you'll break your mother's back. I've stepped on so many cracks in the sidewalk and my mother's back is just fine. Another superstition that I hate is that if you don't say "bless you" when someone sneezes, they'll get sick. I've said "bless you" to so many people who have sneezed and they've still gotten sick.

  3. There's actually a scientific reason behind why people usually say bless you to someone when they sneeze. When you sneeze, the intrathoracic pressure in your body momentarily increases. This will decrease the blood flow back to the heart. The heart compensates for this by changing its regular heart beat momentarily to adjust. So the heartbeat gets delays, people thinks the heart stops for milliseconds that is why people wish bless you after sneezing.

  4. I'm on the way to the dentist now. I thought I would get whatever remained of the tooth extracted and perhaps even the teeth around the affected area.

  5. Root canal costs upto 5 grand. I don't have anything near that money. I can't afford them to be pulled out either, but something needs to be done

  6. Dental schools or community health centres can help you. NAD

  7. NAD Yes it is cracked. Better get a get a crown before it breaks even more or cavity starts collecting.

  8. Feel free to buy it for me. It's the one that looks like a clover made of gold and emeralds, really shiny and sparkly.

  9. puts pen down it sounds like you are uncomfortable with being the center of someone’s attention. During these conversations you have with psychology students you list reasons for it being “awkward” but those reasons are the text book definition on how to be a good listener. So that brings up a question, what makes you uncomfortable with being the center of attention?

  10. But some people over do the smiling and eye contact with wide eyes which IS awkward. Why not act normal and listen to the person without making it obvious that they're studying 'psychology'?

  11. Its okay to be not okay, king eternal monarch, Mr queen, extraordinary attorney woo, squid game, silent sea, business proposal, Eve, twenty five twenty one.

  12. All I can think about is looking for a job. I am either applying for jobs, taking assessments for jobs, or interviewing for jobs. All the time. Still nothing.

  13. Means if money didn't exist as an object in this world. You don't understand English?

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