1. When there’s jewelry involved it’s always a scam.

  2. I get that, and have no problem with it if it means my immediate surroundings are less crowded.

  3. There is no possible configuration that would result in more sardines but less sardines in your immediate area. See in the photo how, if you lowered the tops seats to floor level, people would be sitting in each others laps?

  4. One bushel of corn is about 100,000 kernels, so that's around 5.5 affairs per day, every day, for fifty years...per bushel.

  5. So sure, everyone should be able to enjoy their home. How come this wasn't done for cigarette smoking, which has been proven to actually be harmful for anyone nearby??

  6. Yay! Tell me how it is. I’m not so turned off by the name/photo combo that I would t consider reading it.

  7. Ross stores tend to have a good dress selection. Better than TJ Maxx.

  8. I'm intrigued. Hope someone posts a review here soon.

  9. I think LA is getting a Costco with apartments above!

  10. The costco near the pentagon is attached to two apartment buildings and walking distance to dozens more. I'd love to see their cafeteria sales numbers.

  11. Lmao I dressed similar in 2007 but not the boots.

  12. The boots were the most accurate detail I thought. Bare midriffs were firmly and strictly banned in schools in my area when I was still in middle school (so like 2003 at the latest). The hair is on point, and the bracelets are perfect, but I haven’t seen anyone wear a pooka shell necklace since 1999.

  13. Saying “ma’am” or “sir” to anyone older than you. Most people actually hate being called that. And why is it disrespectful to just say “yes” or “no” when asked a question? God I hated living in the south.

  14. Respecting elders. Respect is earned not a given. Now I am old I see a lot of people my age who are d bags who don’t deserve respect

  15. I don’t go for the “respect is earned not given” thing. Instead I’m more of a “everyone is given the same basic amount of respect until they prove they deserve more or less”.

  16. Wow 15 years. Good chance your ex is a completely different person.

  17. Olly didn’t see the NK. He didn’t witness the horror that was Hardhomme. Jon had no other option after that than to bring the freefolk south of Wall. There are things that are way bigger than his petty grievances. I bet you if Jon took him to Hardhomme he wouldn’t have been one of the conspirators. Sorry. He gets no pass.

  18. Okay the bigger picture was definitely more important than what happened to Olly, but you can’t possibly call Olly’s grievances “petty”.

  19. He looks like that kid that gets bullied a lot and usually cries but this time they’re about to break and curbstomp the bully into oblivion.

  20. Galadriel “And what gift would a dwarf ask of the elves”

  21. Human Nature. The need to be “ahead” in some way when compared to everyone around you.

  22. Intentionally mistaking a cockatiel for those rage comments, I see.

  23. The whole touching a baby Deer thing is a Myth, I'm not suggesting you go touch it but the mothers will always take their Bambi back.

  24. No one said anything about the mother not taking it back. There are real reasons not to touch wild animals. In this case the main reasons include not giving it a scent and not giving yourself ticks.

  25. I love Sydney! The first time I ever saw the Opera House it was lit up like that. Too bad this was in 2006 before I had access to a halfway decent camera.

  26. Yea reminds me of that terrible Christina Ricci werewolf movie. They go over all the lore about how to kill a werewolf and how difficult it is. Eventually a shotgun with regular buckshot in the mouth is all it takes. One character even remarks well they didn't have gunpowder or electricity when they wrote the books on how to kill monsters so of course they wouldn't know about that.

  27. Oh… that makes a lot of sense actually. Now I’m curious about other things we can do now and if they work on monsters. Hitting them with a Tesla? Pressure washers? Bullying them on social media?

  28. Hey sweet thang, how bout you come to my place for dinner?

  29. They do it to themselves and their kids why wouldn’t they do it to the pets too.

  30. “Linda why is your dog eating a crunch wrap burrito?”

  31. “I found the safest place to keep all our old mistakes. Every dot com’s refreshing for a journal update”.

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