1. How did you manage to empty all that? Or am I doing skincare wrong? I have a moisturizer that has lasted me a couple months already! I buy my products really only twice a year!

  2. It's a good question - it's not that I start and finish something within the last quarter, it's that I only finished them within that time. So for example, I might have opened the Elemis rose cleansing balm in November of last year, but it ran out in February. You see what I mean? So it's everything that I've finished during January and February and March irrespective of when they were initially started 😌😌

  3. Ooooh that makes so much more sense! I was thinking you used these products all brand new the last three months lol!!

  4. GIRL. I am going to toss away all these things that you wrote and focus on ONE thing that my therapist tells me and I'm going to preach it to you.

  5. I think it was the reasons behind why my partner strayed and the severity of it. Initially, he was not very remorseful, defensive, and so on. Over time, he began to open up and show me that he can be responsible, and he does the things I need to feel secure and safe. Of course we are both not perfect, it still has an effect on me, and we still have some bad days sometimes. But we are communicating a lot more and I am working on myself. I am in therapy and that helps me a lot. As well I have learned to set boundaries and he knows if there is ever any kind of incident again there are no more chances.

  6. She is definitely cute and I can't wait to get her :)

  7. Everyone is saying it is random so far, probably why it was skipped.

  8. Looks like something I would make in the sims lol For the bedroom I would turn the bed so the head is facing east (bathroom wall)

  9. I do not think two wrongs make a right. However, I have seen a post or two of people who have had this so called "revenge affair" and it has helped their relationship. For those people great! For the rest of us, I don't think it will bode well.

  10. With mauve and black I'd probably do a grey top. Is it federal? Just out of curiosity lol I am in federal currently

  11. Sour Belt and Butter Pretzel would be awesome. Or the citrus squad.

  12. I shop there for my boyfriend and I. I have the basic membership. I get things in bulk there that we use regularly, or can freeze. I get bubbly, cheese, chicken breasts, toilet paper, paper towel, bacon, eggs, coffee, laundry soap, sugar, flour, and sometimes produce (usually berries).

  13. Man oh man. I would walk if I had to, but I would rather not. When I lived in Brandon I would walk from the university to superstore and back carrying all my crap and it was no fun no matter the season lol

  14. I luckily got HGSS back in like 2016 when they were going for like $60 a piece. It's interesting too cuz I might have gotten my childhood friend's copies of the games that had passed away a couple years prior. The name on both games was Jake and they both had a high level Feraligatr (his favorite pokemon ever). I traded all the mons over from one and kept the save file intact on the other

  15. Awe that is so sweet :) Wish I had some hindsight too as I would have bought them when they were cheap too. I don't plan on selling the one I have, but would be nice to get another one cheap somehow!!

  16. Keep your eyes open on ebay. I just got an omega ruby a few weeks ago that has a bunch of legendaries and event mons on the save file for like $50

  17. Thanks for sharing! I totally spaced out about the shop closing and I'm charging up my ds to make sure I have it.

  18. I only need 400 more stardust before I get a pity one. I am crying inside lol

  19. I miss all the funny stuff I saw from people spray-painting lol

  20. There are a few good answers on here. For starters, I think a lot of us can sympathize that gut wrenching feeling of finding something like that on our partners phones. Its horrible. I am so sorry for the pain you are experiencing.

  21. I just asked my parents so cannot help you in that regard. However depending on where you look up your chart, it could vary depending on if it is western/tropical versus vedic/sidereal. Just wanted to share my 2 cents :)

  22. Isn't it still in beta testing? Therefore you can only play storyline stuff for year one (I think). I backed them but I swore I read it won't be fully launched until fall. So just an FYI there could be a couple issues.

  23. It's Early Acess on Steam. I got my other computer to work! I don't know the details on the storyline yet, but I do know you can only go so far with it. As far as year, I've seen people post pics from their year 2. There is still supposed to be a ton to do though.

  24. Yea, I think you can keep playing after 1 year/full season rotation. Like you said, just the story won't progress.

  25. I've emailed them before. Ultra repair intense hydration is comedogenic and not meant for the face

  26. That is interesting! I mostly use it on my body anyways, so this is good to know because I already have acne prone skin! Don't want to make it worse!

  27. I was obsessed with the Ultra Repair as it just sinks right into my skin. I decided to give the Firming Collagen one a go on a whim and my skin has honestly never looked better.

  28. Thank you so much for your input! I will have to give it a try!

  29. I believe the event on now may have some ways to get it, through either the event missions or possibly the dream train? So besides spending money I don't think there is any other way.

  30. I think the disney one kind of disappointed me the most. Like, it was just kind of boring and pointless? I don't use any of the disney items. BTS I also struggled with but at least I got a ton of decorations that I will actually use, so I am happy about that! Sonic one was simple for me at the time, also I can't remember it clearly so I have nothing bad to say about it lol

  31. Animal Crossing New Horizons. I couldn't get past the tutorial, I got so frustrated. I like a game that just drops me in and lets me start playing. Maybe I'll go back to it some day though.

  32. Totally understand just wanting that sandbox feeling to do what you want! I do like this game because I love animal crossing, but I do find it kind of boring compared to other versions.

  33. Stardew Valley I'm so sorry! I just get overwhelmed trying to prioritize and figure out what to do

  34. Stardew is also a favourite of mine, but I would be lying if I said I didn't find it confusing as hell when I first played! Luckily I have played tons of harvest moon growing up so I figured it had to be something like that?

  35. I actually just watched a video about leggy tomato plants and how to help them grow/ how to repot them.

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