1. Então compaste 5gr e deram-te 4.5 gr? (edit: com o saco incluído)

  2. Tenho uma amiga e o seu namorado também têm uma vasta coleção de jogos de tabuleiro, até fazem videos no youtube a explicar os jogos... São de Felgueiras, se quiseres dou o contato

  3. Mt bom… e pode sempre chupar-lhe a língua no meio das canas junto ao lago se o clima surgir.

  4. Trabalho no ramo têxtil e isto nunca esteve tão mau, há despedimentos coletivos a caminho

  5. nem é a questão de ser pervertido... isto pra mim é nojento

  6. Ontem coloquei uma coisa á venda no OLX e em 10 minutos recebi sem exagerar 10 chamadas de 10 números diferentes, todos indicados como spam ou chamada fraudulenta... é preciso ter cuidado

  7. Pois, da próxima já sei.. ele aparece automaticamente associado á minha conta... mas só respondo através de mensagens no OLX diretamente

  8. Yeap, that's why I didn't even played the game this month... Zero new content

  9. Heavy attack (with the hammer) will fatigue enemies with enough hits and eventually get them to drop on the floor. There's a blue bar to show you much more hits you need. Light attacks (with the sword) will give you back stamina. The longer your attack combo the more damage you'll do. You can see your attacks and damage score change color I think for every 10 hits. It's basic stuff but I Ignored this info early into the game.

  10. That is super helpful!! Especially with locating Lieutenants and Mythical Beasts.

  11. I started with Valhalla, then Origins then Odyssey! And what a mess I made ahahh

  12. Já a vi em Braga, não deve ter 1,5m sequer mas tem grandes boias

  13. Following. I also got this game a few days ago. Best purchase ever. I have also logged 50 hours.

  14. Mines was like that but after I progressed the game a little other players ziplines started appearing. No idea if it was from opening more bandwidth from levelling up delivery points, progressing the story or from dismantling a lot of useless player structures (all those random bridges man) but eventually some ziplines appeared when they definitely weren’t there before.

  15. Yes, just keep expanding the connected areas and they will appear

  16. So why does everyone hate this game? What did I miss?

  17. Thank you 1 month without touch the game after that play 10 hours daily....

  18. I see you are playing on directors cut, well you can tie the cargo on your buddy bot, floating carrier and transporter reverse trike with the strand!

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