1. Russia may soon be finding itself kneeling to a bunch more Asian countries, now that every Asian country with at least 100 million are either more relevant or are quickly surpassing it in relevance. As a Filipino, I would be proud if Russia were s*cking Filipenis, rather than the other way around.

  2. Least americ*nt cock sucking filipino

  3. https://eurasiantimes.com/world-war-3-how-us-led-alliances-quad-chip-4-aukus-are-sowing/

  4. I will use my brain for a moment(I know its wrong to use it on a 2_4u sub) but you cannot paint Gandhi as black or white. He was grey just like anyone else and had many Ls and Ws.

  5. Endian liberals ready to defend gandhi to their death after claiming any form of indian nationalism is toxic

  6. Gandhi supported the caste system. Why should liberals defend him. Except 1 or 2 points, he had the same ideas as that of avg Indian rw (back then). I mean the most popular indian conservative in his time was Sardar Patel and he was his biggest fan boy, so much so when Gandhi asked him to step down as Congress chief he did that with no questions asked. Also when Gandhi was killed Patel straight away wanted to ban RSS while Nehru instead wanted to beat them in the battle of ideas. So what does it tell about Gandhi's ideological compass when his most fervent supporter was a conservative.

  7. Yeah, it's bad. But people usually don't like people who celebrate other's death, unfortunately people also have a herd mentality so they equate such action to the entire country

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