1. I averaged about 3-5 hours a night/day (a lot of it broken sleep) when I went from 140lbs to 180lbs (all muscle). I was a night RN that flipped to days to take care of the kids when I was off. I never had anything close to good sleep. I just pushed myself to eat a shit ton and never miss a workout.

  2. And how have the gains looked? Still stayed lean throughout the bulk? Or is a lot of it fat gain?

  3. What was ur diet/training looking like? How many calories per day and macros? And amount of sleep u get per night?

  4. Shit dawg I'm having trouble making my cart last 10 DAYS lmaooo. dude you can't smoke at that rate and make it last a month. take one blinker at bedtime and maybe it'll last.

  5. it’s what happens when u have a high tolerance 😩

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