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  1. …you can accept that the Nazis had aesthetic clothing and ‘style’. That’s literally a talking point in a lot of history books - nationalism and fascism often has incredibly stylish clothing which helps attract people to the cause. It’s also a show of force - expensive, stylish clothing has been used as a power play throughout history.

  2. Is there any credence to the world becoming more peaceful with more women rulers? I always wanted to see any research

  3. There is some truth and academic theory to this. Critical IR theorists and other feminist IR writers like Mary Caprioli quite convincingly cite that societies with more gender equality and female rulers (in a liberal democracy) are much less likely to go to war.

  4. There is some truth and academic theory to this. Critical IR theorists and other feminist IR writers like Mary Caprioli quite convincingly cite that societies with more gender equality and female rulers (in a liberal democracy) are much less likely to go to war.

  5. I assumed Plaid Cymru would be increasing along with Labour. Any reasons why not?

  6. Good points. Many people (especially after brexit) don’t want more radical change and will have the ‘not broke, don’t fix it’ viewpoint. Personally by would like to see Lords reform to a independently selected technocracy but there’s much bigger issues right now.

  7. “figures showing 20% of TransPennine Express (TPE) trains were cancelled in November, compared with 2.3% on one commuter line in and out of London and 4.5% on the London Overground.”

  8. Sorry to ask a dumb question but what is stone culture? I keep hearing stone butch and stone fem but have no idea what those mean. Aren't butch and femme just descriptions of appearance not sexuality?

  9. Butch and femme aren’t appearances, they’re innate identities. By descriptions of appearance, you’re thinking of masc and fem.

  10. Definitely didn’t like the modern language and slang, and the costumes left a lot to me desired.

  11. I hated the modern language and I especially hated the modern music choices. I am not strictly against either of those elements in historical pieces/docs (whatever that was). However, the modern language might have been used as a means of making Anne's story relateable to a modern crowd and viewers unfamiliar with her life. Whatever the intent, I appreciate anything that keeps this brilliant woman's story alive. (Maybe we will get some new recruits in our Tudor fascination club!) She rocked the foundations of religion! She was so enchanting and charming that she convinced a king to do it! Incredible. Edit to add: I HATED the yellow dress. Did they even have tulle then? And you are right, they both wore yellow.

  12. I think the yellow dress thing has been disputed in recent years because there’s no primary sources saying Anne did it, and the Spanish Ambassador would have likely jumped at the chance to hate Anne.

  13. The most important thing to remember about the Bengal Famine is that there was no shortage of food. The harvests were pretty much consistent throughout the period. What there was was an increase in population from refugees and soldiers, and a massive mismanagement crisis, which saw prices skyrocket above what the poor could afford. Both local government and the British government massively misunderstood the crisis and their responses just made it worse. For example they imposed price controls so people could afford rice, but it just led to nobody selling in the official markets and prices increasing even further in a black market.

  14. What books would you recommend. I’ve tried doing more research but it seems to be bogged down by nationalists and historical revisionism.

  15. "the most important thing to remember about the Bengal Famine is that there was no shortage of food". How on earth can someone be this retarded?

  16. Because it was about distribution of food. Some people had a lot and a lot of spare, others had nothing.

  17. How do you verify how Scottish someone is and can we do that for a few hundred thousand people before the next vote?

  18. I’m pretty sure being born in Scotland is a good start on deciding how should vote. Perhaps minimum years or attending schooling as well.

  19. How would you define Scots living outside of Scotland?

  20. Very glad, this isn’t acceptable behaviour at all. It’s one thing to preach on a soapbox and it’s another to target people and harass them.

  21. Why? It’s a very unique place with a unique culture.

  22. Best chant against Aussies I’ve heard is the England cricket ‘

  23. Yes. As a gay man I think it's unfair how our only term for gay men is being used to mean the same thing that Homosexual already meant, when lesbian is a perfectly fine term.

  24. Lesbian used to be used for men as well, until the gay Lib movement of the 60s ‘rebranded’ as ‘gay’.

  25. That’s more the banner of England, rather than his banner. So this would be the equivalent of the modern Royal Banner.

  26. Check out Keith Paynes rack, I think he’s got about 6 more including the Victoria Cross

  27. Christ, what a rack. And only a couple of chocolates. Almost enough to be a yank ;)

  28. ‘Would help if you could spell it’

  29. So what exactly was Hitler? He tried to kill all the Jewish people. Sure they’re not a race, but instead a religious group. So are you going to say that’s not racism in the general sense of the word? Get out of here with those dumb technicalities. The implications for the Palestinians remains the same no matter what you call this discrimination.

  30. Race is a social construct. His view of race and construct was different from ours and the Jews were viewed as a separate race. They’re an ethno-religion in the modern day, so you can still be racist towards them today. Though you can’t be racist to other religions, only prejudice/bigoted, because they are not ethno-religions.

  31. I wonder if they just don’t use them for photos? I assume most who need don’t have them unless it’s really bad, but I guess generals would be able to afford them but would never wear them for photos. Like how they aren’t allowed to take pictures of half built buildings.

  32. 'Germanic' in big scare quotes there ofc. Because almost none of the population of Britain now or even at that time was actually Germanic. The Anglo Saxon conquests were more a replacement of nobility and leaders than the general population which remained majority Celtic across Britain, and still does to this day.

  33. Kind of, but not really. Probably about 40% of the modern ethnicity. If it had just been the replacement of the nobility, the language would have had much more Brythonic influence, but it has almost nothing. The Anglo Saxons came in big numbers of settlers, not just the nobility. I believe it’s about 40%, not definitely not a small minority.

  34. I believe those stats are actually that up to 40% of most British people genetic material has a Germanic source not that 40% of the population during the time was Germanic. (And 40% is on the high end, even in parts of England it can get as low as 10%)

  35. No, the most recent research I believe was DNA studying of bones in Anglo Saxons gravesites. And they concluded that 40% of the current central English (ie. Not Devon, Cornwall or Cumbria) ethnicity comes from Anglo Saxons, 20-40% from the French/Belgians, and the rest mostly from the Britons. So that’s about 60:40 Anglo Saxons to Britons.

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