1. For sure. You’ve conceded the mind hax will work. Now there’s also the fact that he can just use his illusions. He can also teleport himself easily right up to Thor or behind him, and has a great more consistent speed scale than Thor’s speed which is inconsistent in the MCU.

  2. “Thor will just use an aoe attack like he used in sokocia… and nuke”

  3. But apocalypse is the strongest mutant alive (also im pretty sure apocalypse also is outer via scaling to phoenix force or something)

  4. Black Adam should have won. That stat gap was just way too big.

  5. I agree with you. I only noted they exist beyond the multiverse which is true.

  6. Depends on if Superman is holding back, or is completely unbound.

  7. No. People expected a halfway competent movie and got an unpolished and lazy turd. There's LOADS of genre movies that are excellent and rise above the trappings typical of their pedigree, which includes comic book movies. Mad Max Fury Road is among the upper echelons of modern movies period, even though it's a balls to the wall action movie. The Dark Knight is a compelling crime drama. Logan, despite a dodgy third act, tells a heartfelt story about mortality, loss, grief and loyalty. Even movies that don't quite reach those heights can be highly entertaining and worthy cinema that stand the test of time, Captain America Winter Soldier is a great example of this.

  8. Black Adam was pretty hype, it definitly delivered.

  9. Ngl kind of annoying in terms of how late/no information cause I just invested the dust and rare candy to make my bad iv solgaleo level 40 cause I thought it would be a while since I can attempt to get a better one. If this was known before hand, I would have kept it level 15 and lucky traded for the same level

  10. Can't describe how disappointed I was with Multi of Mad. Like how do you fuck up such an easy premise. 🤔

  11. How did DC outperform Marvel? Its an honest question, I didn't hear anything about it

  12. That dude is really here calling people on this sub “text cucks” when he’s been begging multiple people to debate him in DMs while ducking the discord debate call.

  13. Not dms Reddit messages you can send scans and people have all the time in the world to come up with proper counters. I offered you it and you declined. Should I say “your dunking me” because I never ducked a debate in general. I just don’t like discord debating and vc in general. And I all ready explained. So I sad we can do it on Reddit dms or any sort of text app. And that’s when you started getting aggressive

  14. “Should I say you’re “ducking me” because I never ducked a debate in general”

  15. Its somewhere into outerversal, maybe high outer.

  16. So what, what? I was asking for your clarification lol

  17. Thats simply bullshit the presence clenches his fist and both cas and tdk will die .

  18. Scale the presence. I don’t think you can get the presence above the overvoid, but you can definitely get Superman massively above the overvoid.

  19. I see well I understand I wasn’t the greatest arguing this I’m still fairly new to debating so sorry about that and have forgotten much about the lore but for the Marvel and Fortnite being canon doubt I can convince you to accept that even if it contradicts some parts of the story so good talk

  20. You shouldn’t apologize for trying to scale something complex. There’s nothing wrong with that. I commend you for trying. Ive even given you 2 upvotes just for trying earlier.

  21. I understand your thought process and it is clear why you came to that conclusion i just personally think otherwise also thank you sometimes I see toxic debaters so I was kinda nervous while doing this thank you for not being like that

  22. I gotcha man. Keep scaling, keep testing yourself, you can find some great in depth discussions as you do.

  23. Doctor doom. Against Magic kryptonians are at the same level as regular people

  24. He was taking magical attacks from black Adam and he literally said it only

  25. “Should be affected by magic” in one of his very first appearances before his good stuff, he no sold Magical attacks from black Adam and said the attacks literally

  26. Everything you said in this comment is not actually that impressive.

  27. “Appropriate thing to do, saves us a lot of work” it’s not appropriate when you didn’t link any of the actual feats that those definitions apply to.

  28. And people ask me why I don't scale Broly to peak Gogeta

  29. He still scales in speed and durability. He was still relative to gogeta, could perceive his attacks, and somewhat defend.

  30. Roughly, speed of course, but not full on, especially when he couldn't do half the stuff you listed

  31. Friend, can I ask you a question, do you think one can scale Jump Force Goku over puzzle & Dragon and monster strike?

  32. I’m not that that familiar with JF goku. Never played the game. I just hear he’s decenlty strong from people I think are good scalers.

  33. I mean, obviously there are some times where people recontextualize things and it makes more sense. But I'm saying that the amount of bad interpretations dwarfs this pretty heavily. And like I said, it's because people read these things through the lens of large universes like dragonball z, where being something like building level would be unimpressive. Even though in most games or shows that would be considered extremely strong.

  34. Of course the amount of bad times dwarfs it heavily. There aren’t as many “good” scalers as there are bad ones.

  35. I remember one flash comic, were the flash saved every human in the city while a nuclear bomb is detonating. The feat is calced at thousand the speed of light but the writers of that flash comic thought that this feat is slightly slower than the speed of light

  36. That might just mean the speed of light in DC is much faster than IRL. There’s actually a lot to support this.

  37. Dormamu has the best statements I think. Something about conquering or eating multiple dimensions.

  38. “I’m hardcore against” I know, you’re just not making an actual argument against it beyond skepticism.

  39. So basically what you're saying is... if a story book exists in a universe.... the characters that read the book are outerversal???? Sounds pretty fuckin goofy to me. So itchy and scratchy make Bart Simpson outerversal?????

  40. “So basically what you’re saying is…” yea that’s not analogous to what I’m saying.

  41. Not able to join the subreddit discord? Why? Lol

  42. Idk I asked the mod and he said I wasn’t banned but any inv he sent me didn’t work.

  43. Yeah, Jumpforce Goku is pretty strong thanks to Prometheus scaling.

  44. Maybe team Thor,I don’t think the Illuminati will have a chance without professor X

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