1. Der's not knowing how to tell time is absolutely mind blowing 🤯🤯

  2. Ders not being able to tell time was shocking.

  3. Omg I'm such a fuck idiot. I was thinking dollars and tried to imagine what that would mean when adjusted for inflation. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Thanks for that. Lol

  4. Islam kinda looks like the Guard dawg.

  5. Westchester Medical Center is a training Hospital and they have a Dentistry Department, you should be able to save quite a bit.

  6. I went here when I didn't have dental years ago, and I highly recommend trying them.

  7. Can’t do Argonaut anymore after witnessing neglected cases of moldy pastries what were clearly several days old and literally furry. Turned off for life man. Won’t give them another chance haven’t been in there since 2006 maybe.

  8. The place is a dump, and the service is terrible.

  9. KJ needs to ease up on that eye makeup 👀

  10. Thanks for replying, this is my #1 anxiety as I age and still don’t want children.

  11. I'm a 39F and I've simply never desired to have children. I had a really traumatic upbringing and I know this played a major factor into my decision.

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