1. use your words is the worst!

  2. freelance dance teacher and fitness instructor. sometimes freelance writer. its making my own schedule for me!

  3. i'm working on convincing myself i enjoy my hemp seeds blended into milk with vanilla and maple syrup. i'm not there yet but if i ever get there....

  4. the only way forward is to completely redo the american system and it seems that isnt happening fast enough. living in poverty sucks but its what we do.

  5. I’m a fitness instructor so I have a lot of both! Lulu has cuter stuff but Athleta is definitely better quality.

  6. fellow fitness instructor confirming

  7. Athleta for leggings, they're the best quality i've found (salutation stash anyway) and then lulu for tanks bc athleta doesnt ever have any tanks i like

  8. i definitely think thats sanskrit, i remember vaguely from yoga teacher training many years ago. so it could be from indian/hindu culture.

  9. This is a disabled woman who has a therapy baby doll to cope with her trauma. Is this seriously the right way to point and laugh at breeders? This is just mean, what's the point of posting this?

  10. yes thank you! i am so happy you said this

  11. i get addicted and then just as quickly i forget it exists

  12. i've been loving Silhouette with Alexis for pilates on zoom

  13. You are amazing. Your Water Bottle ~Chefs Kiss~ Love watching "the straights" react to those they don't quite understand, especially as someone who comes across relatively "normal" but is much more unusual than most people realize.

  14. i'm also a fake normie at the barre studio! not on purpose, i just dont put the energy into making sure my barre outfits give off my usual weird girl vibes

  15. if its required due to abortion laws + another medication you're on causing harm to unborn babies maybe you could fill the scripts but not take the pills?

  16. a girl at my studio started between baby 2 and baby 3 and baby 3 came out in 2 big pushes in less than 5 minutes. she credits the workout bc her other two werent as easy but i'm inclined to believe it was also luck along with her pelvic floor strength that gave her such a nice go of it

  17. i picked a big school so that i would have more freedom to craft a schedule that fit my learning needs best (more sections of each course offered meant i could have more freedom to choose how to schedule my classes and therefore structure my days) and also so that i would be able to camoflage best. but i was lucky in that my best friend and i went to the same school and dormed together our freshman year then made a point to befriend other weirdos to get an apartment with for our following years. i remember before freshman year being obsessed with meeting every housing deadline so that i could ensure i'd get my needs met to the best of my ability ex fridge and microwave in dorm, getting into the dorms w shared with roomie only instead of shared with the floor bathrooms. being forced to buy a meal plan my freshman year was the worst. we had a hot plate and a tea kettle hidden under our bed so we'd make our own food lol

  18. bc of the tism, i love non fiction books - currently reading Lets Get Physical which is about the women who created the fitness industry. in it she talks briefly of a clearly undiagnosed AuDHD lady, Bonnie Prudden, the trailblazer who invented - the leotight - which was essentially a jumpsuit she wore prancing all around nyc bc she felt like clothes should be practical. she used to sew them herself. shout out to our girl Bonnie for the timeless autistic gal pal favorite, the jumpsuit. thank you, my queen!

  19. my family of blonde ass german immigrants bought me josefina who i loved, and pronounced "yo sefina" and i thought it was so cool she said her js in spanish as ys like we do in german. i imagine how much more badly my grandmother probably wanted to buy me Kristin or Kit - but indigenous people (specifically the trail of tears but i could appreciate any knowledge) was my special interest at the time and i'm so glad they got me Josefina instead.

  20. some other favorite veggie and fruit crunches for me: sliced thin cucumbers and bell peppers, chopped raw green beans, pomegranite arils, underripe strawberries and plums. tiny tomatos.

  21. Pop in earphones and turn on music I can't resist getting up and dancing to while still in bed. Keep music on to get my body moving through the annoying necessities.

  22. Maybe try wearing some nice jewelry and a light body spray. Also, you could get burts bees tinted chapstick, mascara and this sunscreen called “goop”. You can buy it on Amazon and it’s easy to use because the powder and brush are attached so you can put it on without a mirror even. Hope this helps.

  23. as a longer term solution, the more hacks i find to force feed myself during the All Food Is Bad phase, the less famished I am during the Eat It All phase

  24. wow hi i didnt know more of me existed but hello so nice to meet you, i have no solutions for us.

  25. Depends on the situation and the age of the kids. Violent children do exist. Some have autism and harm themselves and others. Some have mental illnesses that cause them to be violent and the mothers have no support at all. There's an article about the suicide rate of mothers with autistic children.

  26. i'm autistic and i've certainly harmed myself before during meltdowns many times over the course of my life. overall i read this mom's comment and yours as ablest and behaviorist. all behavior is communication. this mom is ignoring her childs needs by writing off its communication as traumatizing instead of putting in the effort to understand what the "traumatizing" behaviors are being had as an attempt for the kid to communicate something. and autism is genetic, so many of those suicidal autism moms from that study were very likely either autistic themselves and didn't know it or the only allistic person in thier household being married to an autistic spouse.

  27. nice bread, cream cheese on one side and avocado on the other, spinach cucumber red onion in between

  28. this is me, my english degree, and my inability to form a coherent sentence verbally

  29. i've been loving Silhouette by Alexis's live zoom classes! i've also considered Amanda Blauer but her zoom schedule didnt work for me

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