As a 56 year old lady who has never played video games, which one would be good to start with?

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  1. Around 500 on PS and 200 on PC

  2. I would like that too and I think he would’ve been good. Maybe he’s not tall enough

  3. It's not the first time they've done the start the season early, they did it for Rachel Lindsay, Becca, and Hannah before the pandemic.

  4. It’s not about starting early it’s about totally blocking their view haha

  5. “Get a fucking coffee Christopher”

  6. I just wish he was played by a more attractive actor. I thought Lorelai was way out of his league haha. Overall I loved his personality though. Especially how hard he chased her in the beginning.

  7. Ponytail! The rest looks great!

  8. Another option is to just stay off of Reddit for a day until you watch the episode because someone will inevitably spoil something

  9. I check Reddit for other feeds as well. People could just be courteous.

  10. Is your Reddit feed is a life or death situation that has to be checked every single day?

  11. Is setting a spoiler tag life or death?

  12. Why are you yelling at me!

  13. I think she really wanted it to be Aven but he wasn’t “there” like Tino was. I totally got his point if wanting to wait for the right moment.

  14. Can you mark this as a spoiler? I have to wait for Hulu and now the ending is ruined for me :(

  15. What pisses me off more is when people are mad that the team isn’t doing well and then start taking the health packs when they’re full health. It’s mind blowing to me…if you want me to stay alive and help I need health. It’s like shooting yourself in the foot and being mad at the gun.

  16. I mean it can be about denying the enemy if you’re losing control of an area, but when people path badly and walk over them directly after respawning that’s definitely annoying

  17. Totally get stealing it from the enemy. As of late I’ve been in so many matches where one person gets pissed off and just takes them out of spite.

  18. Just so you know why you are being downvoted, this is generally not considered a good practice because even though it might be more visually appealing, for online submissions that are scanned by a resume scanner, it really screws up how the resume is “read” by the bot.

  19. You could also just not have the bullets go full length just to give the time there a little room to breath.

  20. It worked for me 🤷‍♀️ fwiw I’m also a product designer, but I was just job searching and had to turn down multiple offers. I wish the original poster the best of luck.

  21. Park really close on either side of it. The owner is clearly doing this to avoid that exact thing.

  22. Rewriting Lane! I hate that she had terrible sex, got pregnant immediately, and she ended up going no where. She always had so much spunk and ambition. They really did her dirty.

  23. Crazy how you look at her marrying her true love and starting a family as going nowhere. That’s most modern woman tho I guess. Demonize family and glorify entering the work force to make more money for the overlords.

  24. Don’t let kids name your pets 😂

  25. It will also change the currents of the ocean due to the change in temperature which would be catastrophic to the oceanic ecosystem. Check out “David Attenborough, A life on our planet”

  26. Focus on accessibility, wcag standards are key to making good designs. Also follow a type scale and grid. Typically I work in an 8px grid and will set up my type scale to fall into that. For example have 16px font with 24px leading.

  27. Animal crossing - super easy daily game, you are the island representative and get to choose everything that happens their including adorable animal villagers.

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